Pregnant Belly Growing 6 weeks to 36 weeks. Amazing Pregnancy Progression, week by week.

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See videos of Lilah here: Amazing pregnancy progression, week by week time lapse. My daughter’s pregnancy. Six weeks to 36 weeks pregnant with Lilah. Lilah Elizabeth was born May 26, 2009. 6 lbs. 10 ozs. Subscribe to see new videos of Lilah. She’s two years old now. Lilah also has a little sister, Londyn. Pregnant Belly Growing 6 weeks to 36 weeks. Amazing Pregnancy Progression. pregnant belly growing 6 weeks to 36 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy progression week by week time lapse video. big pregnant belly growing bigger vlog


miadriana420 says:

i got one question.. i got ma gurl pregnant n its berly a month…. is it
normal to feel cramps sum times?

billytalentaddicted says:

@LibbySmith0003 hey, how old has your daughter been when she found out that
she was pregnant. i’m 19 and i found out that I am pregnant and honestly
i’m feeling a bit helpless. congratulations by the seem to be a
really proud grandma:)

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@ShesThe1yup This was one of my first videos, and I’m still surprised it
turned out so well! I completely agree with you about labeling each week.
Actually, my 2nd granddaughter, Londyn, is due to arrive in about 4 weeks,
and I’m making another video of this pregnancy. All of the pictures have
labels!! :-)

Elliot Brown says:

R Kelly brought me here.

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@shybettigurl Thanks!

AutomHatter says:

I think she looks a lot prettier with her brown hair.

Crystalscrystal11 says:

1:50 u can see a little dog’s nose poking in on the right

Julia Crawford says:

@LibbySmith0003 my middle name is also elizabeth haha

mollyandjade says:

Ha ha ha! Mistakes happen! I was just like what the heck! Beautiful
pregnancy belly!

SammiieLuvs says:

@HappyStick22 Congrats :), you can try cocobutter or baby oil see if it
helps but there is no true cure for stretch marks some people are just
lucky and dont get them and I hope things work out for you :)

Julian Milam says:

@miadriana420 yes

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@mollyandjade Sorry about that…it was 2009! LOL! I’ll fix that.

deesep says:

when i see this i’m glad to be a man!! so much pain we have been saved!!

lucia vidal says:

It lks lyk a boy cumin, bcz boys are neater lump while girls are nt 😛

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@KyleRossable :-) She even cleared it with her doctor, too.

iShotElmoxx says:

what a pretty belly!!!! most pregnant women have discusting stretch marks.
your lucly!

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@billytalentaddicted My daughter was 23 when she got pregnant. Thanks! I am
a very proud grandma! :-) :-)

bookschoolearn says:

I wanted to see your belly button. Wondering if it’s an outty or inny. Very

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@camj669597 Ha! I do that all the time, and I never know how I got there!
:-) Thanks for watching!

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@godlover16 Thanks! Yes, at the very end of her pregnancy, she had
maternity capris that could be adjusted at the waist. The rest of her
pregnancy and newborn pictures of the baby are included on my other
pregnancy video on my channel page. This video shows her belly getting
really big!! Her belly grew the most the last few weeks. Big difference!!
(The other video is on my channel page)

HappyStick22 says:

I just found out I was pregnant.. and I’m only 17 are there any tips you
have to preventing stretch marks?

Areosis says:

@TheAngel727 No but after you can use scar lotion for them. Thats what my
mom said she did and it really worked.

Dian V says:

1:52 is genius.

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@mollyandjade Thanks for calling it to my attention! :-)

MiMi's Brag Book says:

@gorgeousbebes Good luck with your pregnancy!

shybettigurl says:

Amazing…you looked awesome through your whole pregnancy… seemed
like you were able to wear your same sized pants the whole time. Lucky
gurl….you probably shrank right back to your size. =)

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