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PREGNANCY BELLY CAST! In this video, we do a “Belly Cast”, if you’re not sure what a belly cast is then don’t worry! We didn’t know either. Belly casting is a craft done to keep a mold of a belly bump for memories. Kyrah and I plan to do one for each one of our future babies so we can compare the bumps each pregnancy!

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A young Christian family of three enjoying life together. We document the everyday balance of a teen marriage and teen pregnancy. Our goal through our vlogs is to motivate, encourage, and inspire other young people to thrive in life despite their circumstances. On this channel we believe we aren’t meant to do life alone. So, join the family by subscribing. Let’s grow together.

A brief history:

Kyrah and I met and dated at age 13 in the 7th grade (2009). Kyrah broke up with me after a long three month relationship, but we soon rekindled in high school. We went to every prom and formal together. She was a cheerleader, and I was the tracklete. We were high school sweethearts.

We got married in early 2017 at the young age of 19. Months later, just before her 20th birthday, we found out Kyrah was pregnant with our first child. Since high school we have been documenting our college struggles, traveling, and everywhere else life has taken us. We pray you join us!
Intro song is called “Evolvin'”


Kaelin and Kyrah says:

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Adriana Denise says:

You guys should decorate it for another video

Germany's World says:

My instagram is Germany_Tennis. I am a 12 year old tennis player and I am training to be pro. I could use 1,000 dollars for equipment

Mgpn __ says:

Grayson is so beautiful

deshanee stewart says:

lmaoooo im dying " he's drinking the freaking ing water " lmaooooooooooooooooo

K Garrison says:

Love ❤️ that guys, that’s something you can show your son as soon as he can relate to the both of you. That’s something that pregnant mothers should do.

AliJaeJR says:

Licking the powder residue and placing it on the skin is TOTALLY different.. smh RIP Grayson

AliJaeJR says:

Kyrah.. you gain your weight all in your face.

UnicornLatice says:

Yall should decorate it and have a photoshoot with him in side

Impress Love Dey says:

Yesss i shudda belly casted my baby! Plz i wanna win!

victoria _coolforever says:

Bruh that cat when he did that to kaelin

Gamer Gal says:

What happened to Monday, Wednesday,Friday. U guys need to stick to the plan bro

Keyri Larios says:

Kyrah looks dead

Imani Imani says:

Why does kaelin always have a slick comment towards kyrah?

Princessxxx says:

Her face is bloated and swollen which is normal during pregnancy and it’s called Edema.. so you haters need to chill and let her be.. she’s beautiful regardless.

isabella bernal says:

love your videos

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