Pregnant Belly CAKE ❄ BABY it's COLD outside!

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❤ Come decorate cupcakes with ME in TORONTO!!!
Party is on Friday December 15th from 5:30-7:30pm!

If you would like to come you MUST sign up HERE

if you are under the age of 18 you must be accompanied by an adult. At the party we will be decorating cupcakes, hanging out, Taking photos in our FUN photo booth and more fun surprises! Can’t WAIT to meet you all there!!! ❤
Please remember that space is LIMITED! So if you would like to come, register right away. But if you cannot travel on your own to Toronto please do not register because you could be taking someone else’s spot. ❤ Xo

LOVED making this Pregnant belly cake also known as a baby bump cake BUT with my very own “Wintery Twist”! This would be PERFECT for any winter themed abby shower! It’s is so much fun taking classic designs and throwing your own spin on them!


Useful links!

Vanilla pound cake recipe –

Buttercream Icing/frosting recipe –

Buttercream icing step by step video –

How to cover a cake in fondant video –

How to smooth ice a perfect buttercream cake video –


I love seeing pictures of your cakes and creations! Tag me on social media @theicingartist.laurie or email me at

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Rubie Stelfox says:

I love your vids you are amizing

Lucie Toland says:

who else watching this in 2019

thx for the likes

Tash Velez says:

If u see this, which I hope u do. U can use a square piece of acetate to smooth the buttercream on round cakes. It works perfectly.

Amanda Bihn says:

Anyone here in 2019

No just me k

Nicol Tanta says:

me encanata como te llamas '''''''''''''''

Elsa loves Roblox Adopt me says:

I cant sign up I'm from the future

Clark Girls says:

What are the two little cakes

Becky Gunter says:

Can I comePleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

MasterZen says:

I love you and your cakes

Lakia Evans says:

Do more cakes like a phone cake and a Bee cake

Alicia Williams says:

How many ppl do you think this feeds?

Vincci Kwok says:

15th of dec is my bday

nylireihs zeratla says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like cake from lourie or icing artist

Elizabeth Brennan says:

Once I heard u say that we could meet u I got really sad Bc I realized that this video was published in 2017 and it’s 2019 I really have to catch up on ur videos I love them so much

김가율 says:


MissCookieLady says:

I'm pretty sure nobody will like this but
look down

Your the best youtuber
If you died
I would be at jail for murdering the person that murdered you :)

Vijay Soni says:

Congratulation for 1 m subscriber

singing kaya says:

My mom"s friend had a baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darelia Avalos says:

How many servings would this be

Nahla Elsantawy says:

عبلنبلنغل وبنف

Faith Unessa Daquis says:

So amazing cake I like that

MsCapri83 says:

How did you get your cake so level

Fluffy Clouds says:

Me:Does anyone need a cake

My mom: I need a baby shower cake

Me:then watch this

Hasan Mohammed says:

OMG well done for 1M subs

Josephine Francis says:

Do you have a boy

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