Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake – How to decorate

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A complete decorating tutorial, you can visit my blog for photos & list of supplies:


cyr banks says:

I love watching your videos

Naome Palanas says:

Hi, you make it look so easy, I need to make one of these next month for my
daughter. I will definitely use your tutorial, Thanks

Erika Tejeda says:

How many serves can that cake give ,?

Allison Alexandria says:


Kim Ellis says:

You have definitely given me the confidence I need to make this cake. Thank
you very much for this tutorial. I am having a problem finding the flower
like pan and also the 6 dome pan does not measure 3″ in its description
when I research to find it. But seems to be the same in Wal-Mart and

Emily D. says:

How many servings will this feed?

Niurka Brito says:

demasiado bellaaaaa… muchas felicidades y gracias por todas las

Marizza Fouts says:

Does anyone know what this exact cake would feed?

Julie Popovich says:

super amazing!! Thank you for sharing!

Reyni Broomes says:

amazing you guys make it look so easy 

Rachel Leah says:

I’m making this this weekend! What kind of buttercream do you use? I love

Dina Mansour says:

Dear what is the consistency for the buttercream?

Ellen Newton says:

Why don’t you just say boobs!?

Erika Tejeda says:

How many serves can that cake give ,?

Brandi Gutierrez says:

I’m in desperate need of a sterdy frosting! Mine always melts): 

Sarah Le Moignan says:

Stunning. :)

Julie Morales says:

WOW!!!! That was amazing!!! I wish it were that easy! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Ellis says:

OOhh and by the way you did an amazing job!!!!

Alicia Doxtator says:

What an amazing job you have done. You definitely make it look so easy, I
hope if I decide to make one it turns out as amazing as yours did :)

Kaouther Krifa says:


Genesis Piglet says:

I really like the top of the dress. it is very cute

walkiria lima says:


ashash12333 says:

And you please make a football cake

Karen woolfries says:


Nancy Rodriguez says:


ashash12333 says:

Your stupid girl

bluesky1 says:

thank you so much for sharing. I loved watching your video and it was a
pleasure watching you decorate the cake.. loved it, so neat, love the
pleats love everything.. you make it look so in love. I must admit
this is the best pregnant belly cake ive seen PERFECT FINISH..can u suggest
using any other cake pans, it gets expensive when you have to buy different
types all the time..

Jackie Wilson says:

Love it thanks for sharing!

Lilian Agreda says:

nice., when the foundant dries isn’t it to hard to eat.

cup11111111 says:

I hate CAKES

Melissa Taylor says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Lovelyluz says:

Best Pregnant belly fondant cake tutorial!!! Thank you!!!

C Abz says:

love the colour combo..u made the look so easy!

Robyn Knox says:

Hi There, I am using the exact pans that you have mentioned. Do you have a
vanilla cake recipe and directions to use. I have tried to make it 3 times
and the boobs turn out to hard, and the belly is way too undercooked. 

yassmiin nuur says:

So cute! Have to do it

SAKSkitchen Cakeandpastries says:

why do you use two seperate fondant, white and blue to cover the cake,can i
use just the blue

Baylee Webb says:

It’s not enough vodka to do any harm. smh. Are its not in the cake so shut

dannibtv says:

I love your channel and this Belly Cake is Adorable! I think ill have to
attempt this!

Naglaa Borgelin says:

Brilliant :) thanks a lot

Jessica Danny Stroosnijder says:

I love to make this cake but i cant find the boobies and the bellie do you
have a website of that?? Thank you

megalovepurple says:

Wow nice..

SAKSkitchen Cakeandpastries says:

how many lbs of fondant do you use

Ella Mason says:


Wael Al Masri says:


Rachael Davidson says:

Very very good

Montreal Confections says:

Yes the ball one

Ophelia Antoinette says:

While the cake itself is wonderful I dont quite understand why slicing and
eating the pregnant belly is the right way to celebrate being pregnant…

montenegrob says:

How many people does this feed.

thompson lorrie says:

I love this cake!!!!!!!

marianela rivera says:

Yo make it look so easy! Omg!love it! O wish my come aput as cute!

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