Pregnant Belly: 5 Weeks-18 Weeks

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Tarianna McLean says:

I feel like I’m already showing! You’re so lucky! People are just jealous
cause you’re lucky grow quickly 

Sonya Cueva says:

I’m so sick of those skinny/fat comments. Be HEALTHY!! Skinny was not a
good thing in the past. The poor women could not afford food-thus-skinny!
The wealthy women had meat on them. Not saying obese, but yes, meat… not
just their skin.

Rebecca Hui says:

So fat

Donny Barksdale says:

Omg that was beautiful :) I’m 9weeks pregnant today an I can’t wait to hold
my lil blessing but the experience is amazing I’m not quit showing yet but
can’t wait til I do


She is not fat, a bit of fat doesn’t make YOU fat. As long as she is not
overweight(and clearly she is NOT). I am underweight and even I got a bit
of fat there. Although my body retains water so most times my belly looks
round and it does start from below my belly but its just the liquids. I was
also recommended to gain more weight and I already see fat being
underweight, so stop judging. Because you dont have a belly yet, doesnt
mean she shouldn’t. 

Sugarboo98 says:

Im 5 weeks and im already showing and i love it!! I cnt wait till i see my
baby :)

edz122009 says:

thank you for this..

Nikki Zielinski says:

I know this is an old Video but wow there are so many assholes that comment
on this like how r people gonna tell you that you are fat here and not

LoveIsDanswer1 says:

your stomach is that big at 5 weeks na uh

Latasha levengood says:

yea im five and half weeks now with my 4th baby..and im already showing i
didnt show with my others like this ..

blehh853 says:

your just fat! lol sorry to say but im 5 weeks and a half and im not
showing at all!!! its just my fat!! haha so chill lady u wont be able to
show till at least 4 or 5 MONTHS!

android heart says:

nice video can i know wat the title of the song?

armygirl821 says:

@misshotty7890 July 5th!

67sunshine89 says:

Yea thats not a baby belly in the beginning its just normal belly fat. When
the part between your pelvic bones start to stick out.. then its the baby.
at the beginning that part on her was flat.

jamiekay1983 says:

very cute belly.. love the raiders shirt :)


My belly looks like that at 5 weeks…bloating I think.

loveub88 says:

why were u showing at 5 wks? maybe it’s just me..i didn’t start showing
until 12 wks

JennaLynn21990 says:

not gonna lie, i teared up a bit! i miss my belly sooo much

Mandy Everitt says:

very cute!!

armygirl821 says:

Thank you!

Rana Reda says:

was it a boy or a girl?!

Tiffany Pafford says:

@armygirl821 @ why do people have to be soo freakin rude… everyones
pregnancy is different!! I just found out that im pregnant today, and iam
around 5 weeks and 4 days and Im pretty bloated as well!! I feel like you
looked normal!! Congrats on the healthy baby! And I love the song btw!

armygirl821 says:

@LoveIsDanswer1 Well I wasn’t as skinny as a stick before.. Sorry to
disappoint you.

armygirl821 says:


Freshtildeath6 says:

She showed at 5 weeks cuz her chub, i have chub too so you cant tell unless
your a stick.

carolanne fraser says:

Cute whats the name of the song and everyone starts to show at different
times some dont show at all till 5 or 6 some as early as 5 weeks

knoonieful says:

I am 4wks on showing alil..but it looks like u are having a boy cus ur
belly sits low

armygirl821 says:

Aww.. Well you have your lil sweet pea now! I can’t wait to get a huge

viciousspit says:

Thanks for the video ! I feel much better now, your tummy is very similar
to mine at 18 weeks and I was starting to think it wasn’t normal, that it
should be bigger, but I guess I freak out for nothing … I hope it went
well till the end :)

armygirl821 says:

@blehh853 you do realise this video is 3 yrs old hah..

MegaFlirt159 says:

i couldnt tell a diffrence!

elisebean1 says:

WHY does EVERYONE who posts a vid about babies HAVE to use this same
song…be original!! It’s annoying as shit.

Precious Lewis says:

I like the song !

Mrsdeleon101 says:

love the song who sings it and what’s the name of it

christlioness01 says:

this was a really nice video.i cried. congrats

armygirl821 says:

@loveub88 It was more or less bloating..

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