Pregnant Belly 12 weeks + 3 Days

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Crystal Moore says:

I'm pregnant with my 4th and I'm that big now too at 12 weeks 2days

Sandy Sanchez says:

everybody is different she is not to big for how far along she is I think she looks beautiful

Iesha04Lewis24 says:

Awwwww im 11 weeks and 3 days…i really like watching your video.

Sam Cassidy says:

Yay Im 11 weeks and thought it was just me that's got the belly already. Thanks for the update, I have my scan tomorrow. Very nervous, Im having a high risk pregnancy so crossing my fingers everything is ok. This will be my 3rd pregnancy :)

Shaniqua Hardy says:

Awwww I'm 12weeks I just started showing your bump was so cute it's perfect =]

sarah rodriguez says:

Cute I think I fell in love with your videos!

Justin Jones says:

Yall are some haters

MrsDeedee Miller says:

but very cute baby bump

MrsDeedee Miller says:

OMG the smacking of the mouth while talking can be very irritating… please stop

Jessica Nichols says:

I know this video is kind of old but I just came across it. I am currently 12 weeks 2 days pregnant with my 4 child (I had twins second time around) I am also showing a lot. your belly pops a lot quicker with the more kids you have lol (:

Ame Nam says:

To big for 12 weeks and 3 days OMG!!!

cassandre cazeau says:

I am 12 weeks and my belly is not that big. I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant lol.

MajesticMom says:

Keep in mind that this is my third pregnancy:)

MajesticMom says:

This was my third son:-) I had twobothwr babies to stretch it out good for me.

jesuslove1991 says:

Your belly looks to big for 12 weeks 3 days. I'm 12 weeks 3 days with my first child and I'm barely showing.

India Clarke says:

i'll be 12 weeks Saturday, im barely showing.

suhel chowdhury says:

Bitch just talk too much…

Maya W says:

I cant really tell

MajesticMom says:

@melissacaldwellca201 Awww thank You, that is what I am claiming, have already came up with a name! I will say I am so beautiful in this pregnancy then with my second. I feel great!

Melissa Florez says:

aww u are glowing i think u might be having a girl :) you look absolutely gorgeous how far along are you? i am 5 months along you look great congratulations :)

Melissa Cortez
aka melissacaldwellca201 

alice baird says:

where are u? witing for your next vlog. hope all is ok:) hugs

ColinEmerald says:

Aww, you look beautiful! <3 I dunno, there's just something….. magical about pregnancy. ^-^

Congratulations! Best of luck! (Aw, with that outfit and hair, you looked wonderful yesterday ;D)

daveydave369369 says:

You are gorgeous your husbands a lucky man

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