PREGNANT AGAIN!!! Babies11 months apart! + belly

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My babies are 11 months apart. 10 and a half months apart to be exact. I’m 32 weeks in this video. This will be my third child. This was not planned, but since me and my husband had planned to have a 3rd child in the future we said hey lets do it! Now here we are on baby #3. I am not planning to have anymore after this child. No ma’am.


wsmkthtksh says:

Hehehe i just found out i’m having another the other day. I am now 2 months
pregnant with a 3 month old !

Carson Spier says:

Well of u dont have sex so much u would not have babys

Avastylist says:

Do you know the sex of the baby?

Shuntay jones says:

God bless you honey. I too am 4 months pregnant and my youngest son is only
17 months. I am a nervous wreak!

Avastylist says:

Well, I think its another girl.

2005kloud9 . says:

yes, but i want everyone to guess before i do the reveal.

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