Pregnant after Tummy Tuck (Lower Body Lift) at 20 weeks / 5 months

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seemego2150 says:

I had to re-subscribe to you because I lost all of my subscriptions (as
well as subscribers!!) with the Google/YouTube merge. Would love to see an
update from you!! Hope all is well.

bellaerin77 says:

thanks for doing the update! i thing that its great that you got the
surgery done before having a baby. that would be my biggest fear too…
leaving children and not being able to be there for them as a mother
because of a surgery for cosmetic reasons. everything you said makes so
much sense! :-) are you wearing a black bathing suit or compression
garments in the update of pictures? if it is a compression garment what is
the brand? thanks!!!

elk2804 says:

looking fantastic. I also wouldn’t want to be have a LBL after a baby. I
know women who have had the ‘sleeve’ op with little children and have a
hard time. You are a smart cookie (healthy type of course).

mam1016 says:

You loOk great and healthy! I can’t believe how small you are and I don’t
mean that in a bad way :) I had my 5 kiddos before my GB and TT and I think
I never really knew what a pregnant woman looked like when they are
healthy. I had my daughter last and was my highest at 255 so I always
looked preggo lol. You have always been so inspiring and I’m glad to watch
your new journey :) Marisa


Barely can tell ln 20 weeks

Corina Streahorn Loves Life says:

Kelly you look great 😀 I carried 2 out of 4 of my pregnancies more towards
the back and didnt really show till the last month. Each one was different
just as each of us are. With the progresion pics u can tell u r showing. U
r right in having that major surgery before having a baby. How is your
appetite doing, did u have alot of nausea? Thank you for sharing this with
us 😀 Love and blessings to you,your hubby and the baby 😉 Love Corina.

PitaGirl83 says:

You and are probably due within days of each other (nov 21) I’m 2 yrs post
op from Vsg! I need to a video soon! Congrats again!!!

Colette2014 says:

Sorry for the typo its suppose to say suppressed stretching. Good luck and
happy pregnancy!

isabelle gregory says:

what was the point in your Pregnancy where you did start to look like you
where Pregnant ? . . .or did you pretty much stay the same size ?

IamKris411 says:

Hi!! :-) So glad to hear you are doing well. You look fantastic. I can see
a little bump there! It’s cute :-) I bet when you hit 7 months, you’ll pop
out a little more. Thank you so much for sharing. I also had a VSG – about
3.5yrs ago, and want to have a TT and LBL prior to getting pregnant. I know
everyone is different, but it’s still nice to have some point of reference.
I wish you all the very best for the rest of your pregnancy! <3

Kellawanda says:

I will refer to it as “He/she/the baby”….until my gender reveal
video….mwa ha ha.

bratlee2u says:

You cannot tell you are pregnant.

Colette2014 says:

I’m pregnant too post op vsg. Usually your 1st pregnancy doesn’t start
showing until you are 6 months anyway. I’m sure the lbl/ tt helped to
Dupree. It’s my second pregnancy and I am still technically losing weight
and no one thinks I am pregnant.

brandylorraine says:


Kellawanda says:

I’ll be doing a gender reveal video next!….

Rima Mikati says:

dont watch then.

Kellawanda says:

The ab work would actually explain having more pain because they stretch
back out. My uterus also tilts back instead of the normal forward (so I’ve
been told) so that is another potential reason for not showing a lot.

nikkinoos82 says:

Good advice, thank you :)

crystalclear4me2 says:

I totally see why you got the lower body lift… I woukd have done the same
thing. Congratulations on the pregnancy. Best wishes!

hcgwannabeme says:

I love this! you are precious!

Sandris says:

It’s great to see your progress! You were my first VSG video vlog I started
following before I decided getting surgery. Thank you so much for always
being honest and real in your videos. You definitely helped me make my
decision. I got my surgery 5 weeks ago, and I feel great.

xzakanorax says:

I luv u… u inspired me…I had my sleeve in 2010 & still waitting for the

gestherlina says:

Wow, congratulation! Thanks for putting this information out there. I had
my GBP about two months and all ur videos have being helpful. Thanks again.

sweetveronica85 says:

thanks for the vid. please keep us updated as u progress.

neecyd63 says:

You look so great…pregnancy definitely becomes you. So glad that you’re
doing so well!

sandra jay says:

Thnks for sharing your experiences


U talk to dmmm much

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