Pregnant after tummy tuck 7 months pregnant

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Meli Mel says:

I just did a baby on a tummy tuck two months ago and I just found out I’m pregnant yesterday fuck

Maria Marquez says:

Looooovvveee ur hari!!

rocio DeWitt says:

Are you gonna get another tummy tuck soon? I need to know since I am pregnant and I had a tummy tuck done 9 years ago, can I get another one after I have my baby?

Sabrina Faye says:

Girl no the hell they weren't bad omg I didn't even notice stretch marks silly !!

Sabrina Faye says:

Ur doctor doesn't know anything about having a bbl and being pregnant.?

Sabrina Faye says:

Yes do a video on the bbl I want to know

Sabrina Faye says:

Omg babe I'm so happy for u !! U look so good and I'm so happy for you babe !!

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