Pregnant after Tummy Tuck- 14 week Update

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So recently I’ve announced that I am pregnant and having twins! In this video I give you a glipmse of my body changes and I also share some good news :)


Ashley Elizabeth says:

Awww that’s so amazing many many blessings for you. Can’t wait to see how
everything turns out! Excepting my second baby and I’m due tmrw, this was
my favorite time finding everything out and getting my energy back xoxo

Marie Brown says:

Congratulations Mama! You look awesome! 

M Paris says:

There is nothing more beautiful than the glow of an expecting mother! I
have a few questions since I started watching you when you had your TT
surgery with Dr. Shafer (also my doctor!) and I feel like we are cool now
:) Did you plan this pregnancy or was it a total surprise? Have you seen
Dr. Shafer since you found out you were expecting? Are you planning on
getting another TT? 

angela zink says:

congrats!!! i have a question, did you have your abdominals stitched
together with your tummy tuck? i think most do but, wanted to ask! is
there any concerns with your obgyn because of the tummy tuck and now having
twins?!!i had a tummy tuck 2.5 years ago and thought i was done having
babies but, now want another baby! thanks!

strawberry-kisses81 says:

Aww congrats!!!! Your glowing too!

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