Pregnancy: Weeks 17-20 (Month #5)

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Torres Culinary says:

Am i the only one that is due April 2015 lol I’m 18 and going to be a first
time and single mom

Jessica Stone says:

I’m due feb 12th, 2015. My first child and I’m super nervous about the
labor and delivery :-( 

bustitbaby305 says:

20 years old due April 17th, 2015….first baby so im sooooo nervous
especially being a single mother

Gabrielle Beaver says:

Im due in early May with a little girl

Elmarie Smit says:

Due APRIL 26 – 1MAY 2015 .. 

Gemma adey says:

Im due in early may!

Greg G says:

fiance is 18 weeks today and due date is the 5th of March 2015, the doctor
says she thinks its a boy but could be wrong, wont find out until our next
scan on the 6th October 2014, im pretty sure the doc was right though and
its a boy

Chantel Pulsipher says:

Due in March. It would he awesome if my little one was born on my birthday
February 27 is mine . 

melindasbotha says:

question , my friend is 5 month and she now and then feels moment is this
normal and what kind of moment should she feel by now it’s her first?

Hayley Hev says:

Due on 14th feb 2015. So nervous!

Rochelle Louisa Cole says:

I’m due January 12th 2015 with baby #1 and I’m so scared haha! Not to
mention I’m 17

Ana Lopez says:

DD Feb 14 2015 second one ….so excited

Marissa Salatan says:

Im due feb 26 2015 so nervous but happy first baby :) 

Nyirah Ballard says:

Due Feb. 3rd FIRST TIME MOMMY!!!

Jordan Anderson says:

I’m due Feb 26th 2015 :) 

ronda shondel says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwww happy for you guys

jennfields27 says:

February 19th

Oscar Singh says:

we due in september 

wardat massoud says:

Am due…14 febr 2015!!

Onesourcedocs Contact says:

this is the worst video ever made. 

hawleri kurd says:

Thank you my mother a lot, but can thanking you ever be enough mum?

wardat massoud says:

Am due…14 febr 2015!!

Cytlalik says:

Due March 17 First baby I’m 17 weeks today .. I’m super happy and can’t
wait to meet my little one :)

michale rutherford says:

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cara perkins says:


Miri Varez says:

Duee Dec 22 2014(: babby #1

Pook Dawg says:

Im due july 23rd to

andra lascony says:

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Damaris Aviles says:

I thought 17 months is still 4months pregnant confuse 

Rosie Jones says:

Lol wow alot of July born! I’m due the 14th or 15th of July also ! Congrats

Lauren Moralez says:

I’m due July 23(:

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