Pregnancy week by week: 30 to 34 –

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m waiting its my 8th month

Mia Wise says:

33 and 3 days can’t wait!!

Yahiya Rishu says:

I am 4week pregnant and waiting for my second baby.pls pray for me

Gowlikar Manasa says:

Now I am 31week means I am eight months

Nathalie Fanfan says:

30 Weeks Today , Cant wait to see Alonzo

Rosey girl 03 says:

I’m 30 weeks today with a baby girl

Fari shehz says:

I'm in 30 week n have a baby girl masha Allah

janijewellers says:

M 30 week pregnant. Dua kejiyega sab

Royalty Princess says:

I'm having my 1st daughter I'm excited her brothers are also excited

The Vic 215 says:

32 weeks and I’m tired of this pregnancy

Neha mohpal says:

29 week pregnant and waiting for my luck

Kendra Walker says:

I'm 32 wks 6 days im having a boy

busisiwe tracey says:

34 weeks pregnant today.. I'm looking forward to meet my baby

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