PREGNANCY VLOG PT. 1 | Finding out, Telling Family, 1st Trimester | Tiffany Laibhen

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This has been A JOURNEY for me! I definitely cannot fit it all into one vlog BUT I will be doing a multi part series on my pregnancy thus far. For any mamas dealing with end, fibroids or any other issues that effect fertility, I feel you! The fear we feel can be stressful but I hope that in me sharing my journey, and how I’ve handled it along the way, that I help someone! Enjoy!!


Ella Blake says:

I cried so hard watching this. Just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant and due in December. I am alone in this journey so it made me very happy to see your family so supportive. I hope mine is the same. I love the idea of using crystals to support a healthy pregnancy. I am dealing with 24/7 nausea with no relief, I just watched your first trimester video and ordered everything you recommended. Looking forward to seeing more of your journey. Please continue to keep it raw I really appreciate it. Stay safe during this crazy virus ❤️


Omg! Why am I crying? So Cute!!!

Candace P says:

So beautiful. Congratulations ❤️

Ayesha & Sam Vlogs says:

This is so beautiful. I really relate! God bless you

Melissa Gordon says:

I'm so happy I found someone else preggers…..girl I have all the same symptoms lol the congestion in the nose is new for me…this is my 4th pregnancy..congrats and let the fun begin

Sharing Sharing says:

I cried too….wow. i have three kids 14, 12, 7. Boy, boy, girl and people say i look like my kids siblings…. Blessings to you and your family.

ig imChocolateChula says:

I subscribed soon as I heard the intro song and seen the Beyonce pregnant remake

Jemika Ferguson says:

Totally cried twice watching this. Congratulations to you and your family!! This is beautiful ❤️

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