Pregnancy Vlog | 39weeks

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hey y’all we are getting to the home stretchhhhhh so excited to meet baby K she is wearing me out on top of my 3 year old princess I needed a little break to myself for a couple of hours.
There is nothing wrong with some alone time seeing how I’m not going to get much more of that for a long time! Please keep me in your prayers its almost time!!!

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Jessi Malay says:

So excited for you babe!! Wishing you a safe delivery ❤️

queen ana says:

Omg ive been lookin for single mom pregnancies I feel so bad bein in public and people ask my where is the dad. Im due in 3 weeks.

محمد احمد says:


Roberto Castillo says:

you are hoy send me a photo of you vijayna

Lois Lois says:

every nigga has Rihanna's voice)u're beautiful

Lois Lois says:

why is your face so orange?we all see how really looka your skin

Alex Demarest says:

These "creators" on the "rise" are just pregnant hoes with poor life choices

Michael Sisler says:

basic chick with basic problems

Olivia Scott says:

I'm the thumb nail you looked like Summerella

L-Dog The Great says:

here because you were YouTube's Creator on the Rise!….Stay Strong Pretty Lady!

bill bellamy says:

all her facial features are attractive

Barber's Chop Shop X says:

fuckin' alien

KerpaDerpDerp says:

What kinda hair is that

Bigbirtha666 says:

Pregnant MILF.

Jimmy Mack says:

I will marry you…

For Khan Mohd Furkan says:

Kedne pator

Donald Clinton says:

an inspirational woman right here….

lilpoindexter says:

Get closer to god? Make sure he wears a condom too.

jacob west says:

You are such a beautiful and strong woman.

Weelz Neal says:

just came here to dislike a fine chick being pregnant….. I'm sorry for u

36 36 says:

i thought you was yandy off love and hip hop

Fuentes says:

im not surprised the baby daddy left her

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