Pregnancy Vlog #1 ♥ Trouble Conceiving, Announcement & Baby Bump

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My first pregnancy update! This sums up my first trimester in under 20 minutes. For regular baby bump pictures and updates, follow me on Instagram: @Neebebe & Facebook: ♥ WATCH my pregnancy reveal video: ♥♥♥ OPEN ME TO READ ON ♥♥♥

Here are some topics I’ll be covering in this video:
♥ Trying to conceive
♥ Finding out / Positive At-home pregnancy test / Announcement to husband
♥ Pregnancy bleeding / spotting
♥ Possible Miscarriage
♥ First trimester symptoms
♥ Ectopic pregnancy scare
♥ First OB appointment experience (at week 5)
♥ First Ultrasound appointment (at week 8)
♥ Pregnant belly shot (at week 18)

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Hey guys, thank you for tuning in to watch my very first pregnancy vlog. I usually like to keep my life private but this is such an exciting journey in our lives that I want to share it will all of you, especially since some of you have been following me since the very beginning!


After trying to conceive for almost a year, God blessed us with a child last Christmas! I don’t know why he made us wait for so long, maybe he wanted us to savor our time together as a married couple? Well, we did. ^_^ Now we are ready to take on our role as loving parents and embark in the next chapter of our lives.

Needless to say, the first trimester was very worrisome for me. The pregnancy hormones and the emotional mood swings didn’t really help either. lol None of my friends have been pregnant so I had to go through this alone. I do have an older sister who was pregnant but she had zero symptoms in her pregnancy (bless her!) so she couldn’t relate to me at all. =( If it weren’t for my hubby and God, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it. There were some days when I’d be in bed for the entire day. When my hubby arrived home from work, I told him that I was disappointed in myself and felt unproductive. He replied, “You shouldn’t feel like that. It takes a lot to grow another human being. Did you know that you helped Jellybean grow some fingers and a nose today? How many people can say that?” He read the pregnancy week-by-week book so he always knew what was developing that week. LOL Anyways, that really comfort me and made me change my whole perspective on the first trimester so if you’re having a tough time in your pregnancy, just remember that. :)



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Kamalpreet Singhania says:

lovely video

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Zach Strei says:

BebeXO that's a cutie of a pregnant belly that you've got there. I bet you'll be a hum dinger of a good mom. By the way I think that your belly button could out rival your birth mark on the side of your belly, I mean to me you have the belly and belly button or a mermaid princess.

Julia Sam says:

bet you in all those stops u went to the bathroom

Sofia Castillo says:

this makes me so happy! I love you so much!

Zazareen says:

is she muslim

AstriDeedlit says:

Congrats!! <3

Emily du Plooy says:

You're adorable!!

Angelica Llamelo says:

What!? Omg I haven't watch your video for a while , aww I'm so happy for you ☺️☺️


+bebexo I am now 4 months pregnant and it's really hard for me because me and the baby daddy get into a lot of fights and we live at least 15 or 25 minutes away from each but I have all this stress on me from my family like its hard I cry everyday cause I'm so emotional my friends hate me and stuff like they never knew me im just so upset no one is happy that I'm pregnant all I get is hate but I'm getting stronger very slow I'm stressed out a lot which could cause me to have a miscarriage and i don't want that to happen anyways I'm happy for you I love your videos I found u when I was getting ready to go back to public school I started watching back to school hair styles outfits and stuff and I tried some of ur hairstyles until I got my haircut anyways this video is helpful for me thank you and love you

Destiny says:

She's so smiley… It's so sweet.

Nisbat Begum says:

Can you take some pictures of your belly and send them in the comments

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