Pregnancy Update: Almost 5 Months Pregnant

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zemenve says:

How old r u

melonpan88 says:

you are so omega kawaii :3 wish you all the best

myartisfashion says:

Thanks for the update. Good luck with everything, and make a video when you
find out the gender. :) You have a great guy, how did you guys meet? Super
cute ultrasound pictures.

chjgug crtyy says:

aww your belly is really small like mine! iam 5months and my belly looks
like i not even pregnant

builiahelp says:

Sooooooooo proud of you!!!! What a brave, beautiful and smart girl you
are:) – you’ll be fine and your baby, too!!! I got pregnant, too while I
still had Bulimia and had an, I know what strength you need
to be that brave:-)!!! I am perfectly happy and healthy now for 10 years
and just started uploading my first videos, too to share (hopefull) useful
knowledge about Bulimia and to spread some love and sunshine about
this…My best regards to the little one, too:-), hug, Annie

Jessica C-M says:

This is my first time commenting, but I really enjoy your videos, you have
a way with words and are very insightful. This was a great video by the
way, try not to be so hard on yourself. :-) I’m glad to hear that you and
your boyfriend made a decision based on what you both wanted (and not what
other people wanted for you), and are happy with your decision to keep the
baby! Good luck with the next ultrasound- we will be thinking of you! Just
wondering, how are things with your ED?

Shiori Kitano says:

i dont think u should worry much about the negative things that doctors
said. because doctors always find something bad . and babies turn out
perfectly fine. so dont wrry about it at all. ur baby will be fine it has
no problems.

xlov3bugx says:

Wtf u r a lil fing girl wtf man u dum ass kick

magdalena7 says:

i didn’t start showing until i was about 7 or 8 months. my daughter was
born jan 8 2010. having a kid is the hardest most exciting thing in the
world. you know what its okay i really wanted a girl but i hate the color
pink so much i just said i wanted to have a boy lol. well its june 2nd im
going to go see if you’ve posted a new video to see what the sex is 😛

Kaufmann08 says:

@curlyqcutie13 I’m doing fine with my ED. I still haven’t binge or purged
in about… 7 months now. Sometimes the THOUGHT of purging comes, but
that’s only because some food just makes me feel REALLY fucking sick and
disgusting while being pregnant… I get grossed out very easily.

Jessica C-M says:

@Kaufmann08 Good for you!!! That’s very inspirational to me, I just went
into recovery for my ED and hope with hard work I can be as successful at
overcoming it as you have been.

crystalAura says:

It makes sense! In families where there are only female children (hence,
you only grew up with sisters), usually a boy is wanted. In families who
raised or grew up with only boys, usually a girl is wanted. I do hope you
get what you wish too!

blaqqirlwithaned says:

aw u got some great ultrasound pictures! cant wait to hear whether ur
having a boy or a girl && glad your doing ok. =)

ReillyAJ says:

WOW you are little. but a girl i babysat for (has had 3 babies) and with
EVERY pregnancy, hasn’t show until 5 months and even when she gave birth
she looked like she was only 6-7 months along. and lost baby weight VERY
quickly. you look very pretty btw :)

Twilight0513 says:

just wanted to let you know that i’m here to support you all the way girl
!! :) hope you have a safe pregnancy

Kyochanishi says:

That is nothing compared to how I look without being pregnant.

Kaufmann08 says:

@myartisfashion We met online!! HAH! Thats why he was in TX. I’m a little
embarassed about having met him online, but that’s the way the ball bounced.

SerenityMellissa says:

you look fantastic it was good to get an update 😀

Haya Khan says:

kaufmann thats gr8 news that u have a baby you r so brave ok do not lose
your heart with your boyfriend it is so cute like you ok dear love each
other more n think a name for your child like ……..ok its good to see
you God bless you with happiness and best wishes ok take a good care of
your self bye bye

Alexis Kraus says:

@sophiasmommy518 It says 5 months in the title of the video.

Kaufmann08 says:

@sophiasmommy518 I am about 19 weeks. I would have to look through my
records to tell you the exact number of weeks and days.

zemenve says:


awowk7 says:

You never said anything about your parents..

Adela Lira says:

how old are u? :) jw bc u look young i look young too people think im 16
but im going to be 20 lol

sophiasmommy518 says:

@CrynOut I meant specifically how many weeks

babyLixian says:

I have the same phone as you! And you look great! :) I hope the rest of
your pregnancy is safe.

PeaceandLuvBby says:

you should be happy about your pregnancy hun not sad!! You seem sad in this
video cheer up!

yband04 says:

you look so pretty being pregnant ! thanks for the update :)

12valvepower1 says:

i am happy for you

Adela Lira says:

I can relate to u bc i really wanted a boy and people would tell me the
same thing lol they would always say its gonna be a girl and if its a girl
thatll be ok too but yay i got my boy 😀 haha

Nicolette says:

I hope your baby comes into this world 100% healthy! & I do believe you’re
allowed to have an opinion about your child’s gender, and I hope your wish
for a boy comes true. You’re extremely lucky to have such a caring
boyfriend. Take care <3

Melissa Toh says:

Aww…a cute bump…

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