Pregnancy Update | 30 – 31 Weeks

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I’m back with my weekly pregnancy update! Check out my blog for bump pictures and my current list of stats if you’re interested. Thanks for watching ☺

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beautyplayground says:

You're almost there! Can't believe how time is flying :)

MarieJeanne says:

Hi Jen I have a question – How do you plan to introduce "Baby Girl" to Winnie? You look so happy and calm. Very best wishes.

Sarah Dawson says:

Did you decide on a name yet or is that a personal thing for now? I'm excited to hear the name!

Life Paths says:

How has Winnie changed since your announcement video in regard to the changes you are all experiencing? Are there any contingency plans should Winnie react unfavorably toward the baby? My Mom's dog would not come around my baby or me at all until I held the baby down for the dog to see then he (dog) was fine coming around us and never reacted unfavorably toward any babies (Mom had 10 grandchildren). :)

Olga M Jimenez says:

Jen each week you look prettier than the week before. I'm so happy for you and Don. My question, has Winnie change in her interactions with you? Do you think that she suspects that something has changed in the home meaning your pregnancy.

Kiki Doll says:

You get the most unique and personable gifts. Your subbies really adore you.

Olivia Lee says:

Hi Jen, I was just wondering if you think you will take Winnie on her walks like you do now? Jen you are so glowing and beautiful! TFS your journey with us :)

Megan Nogan says:

I know you're getting close to the time for it so I'd love to see a what's in my hospital bag video from you. I think they're so interesting and I think you'd have a very interesting perspective.

bgplayer says:

Jen…I'm going to tell you the one thing noone told me when I had my daughter. You will give birth, and you will be in awe of several things. First you will be in awe that you and Don created this tiny life. It's almost surreal. No baby in the history of babies will compare to her. The biggest surprise is that you will love her. I know that sounds ridiculous. Of course you will. But noone will be able to describe the level of love you feel for her. It's like no other love. You'll see. Also you will fall deeper in love with Don. The minute you see him holding her, looking at her, there will be a rush of love that fills you. I can't wait to hear you try to describe your feelings after she's here. One last thing, you will miss feeling her move inside you. I wish you a safe delivery!

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