Pregnancy Update | 17 Weeks

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I’m back with my weekly pregnancy update! Check out my blog for bump pictures and my current list of stats if you’re interested. Thanks for watching ☺

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carol hicks says:

Jen, I really have enjoyed your videos for over a year now. I am so very thrilled and happy for you and Don.

apfelprincess45 says:

Two weeks to come see us in Australia is NOT long enough! Australia's as big as the USA. If you really wanted to see something of Australia and something of NZ too, you would have to plan a holiday of at least six weeks to really enjoy it fully :)

shopping Girl says:

Don't worry I was thirsty too but had no problems, I was very active too. I was working up until the last week.

andreadelossantos says:

Holaaaaa!! Mi nombre es Andrea y tambien hago videos de mi embarazo!! :)
Si pronto seras mamita como yo, te invito a echar un vistazo a mi canal!! :)
Espero no incomodar a nadie con este post!!

Cleo Duquette-Michaud says:

By the way your pregnancy glow is absolutely fantastic. I love how you get when you speak about baby!

Cleo Duquette-Michaud says:

Are you going to be using reusable diapers? Or disposable?

Susan Patz says:

Why is it okay to talk about her talking about all her stuff and not working (so what!) and not get blasted by her followers?  Geez, I've  only commented about the idiotic bits and have been called names and hassled by people when it's onlyabout the "thumbs up, thumbs down" comments posted by people who are not scared to comment when they thumbs up or down.

Crystal Morse says:

I had previa and didn't feel him move until week 23. It was nerve racking but then amazing. And then a little annoying lol. He moved mostly at night. And is still nocturnal! Any who, once he did move if I wanted him to to reassure myself I would put a cold bottle of water on my stomach and he hated it. He'd move away from it so fast. Always made me feel better even though I felt bad. 

Ashley C says:

Have you and Don thought about names yet? Will you be sharing?

Riley Fox321 says:

This is so cool.  Jen's having a baby!  So many vloggers having girls – Taylor from Cooley and Co, April from Aprils Life and now Jen!  OK that's only three, but that's all the three that I watch! xx

Megan Duvall says:

Hey Jen! I love your blog and videos. I found them and started watching them recently while trying to get pregnant. It happened the first month! I'm still really early… only 3-4 weeks. I was wondering what things you did early in your pregnancy to get ready to have a healthy, successful pregnancy? (Other than the usual prenatal vitamins and getting the first appointment at the OB set up) Thanks!

Brittney Lyn says:

So happy things are progressing so well. You remind me a lot of myself. Try not to worry too much about all of the little details. You're going to be a great mom!

Gillian At Home says:

Loved this! I'm curious to know if being pregnant has changed your approach to planning. Are you keeping track of your thoughts or milestones so you'll be able to share them with grown-up-baby-girl one day?

Rocio J says:

Hi Jen! I love these updates, I'm beyond excited for you & don. Keep the updates coming! You're glowing! Blessings & hugs..

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