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How crazy the mother nature is! From a single cell.. there is a human being at the end with fingers and toes. This is so incredible! I am very excited to share with you my belly transformation video week by week inspired by Valeria Lipovetsky’s transformation video! 😍

Starting from week 4 we’ve been capturing our belly transformation progress almost every week all the way to the first week of Benjamin’s life. It is unbelievable how female body works and how it can grow a little human inside it. Benjamin was born 7.6lb , how he could fit in my belly??

Week by week timestamps:
00:01 – 4 Weeks Pregnant
00:08 – 7 Weeks Pregnant
00:18 – 10 Weeks Pregnant
00:27 – 12 Weeks Pregnant
00:35 – 15 Weeks Pregnant
00:42 – 18 Weeks Pregnant
00:54 – 22 Weeks Pregnant
01:07 – 26 Weeks Pregnant
01:20 – 30 Weeks Pregnant
01:30 – 31 Weeks Pregnant
01:40 – 33 Weeks Pregnant
01:54 – 34 Weeks Pregnant
02:05 – 36 Weeks Pregnant
02:12 – 38 Weeks Pregnant
02:20 – 39 Weeks Pregnant
02:34 – Welcome Benjamin!!! 10days postpartum


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Violetta Genova says:

Watch more of my pregnancy videos here –

Nampally Manjulatha says:

Plz don't do this kind of videos every women will become mother respect them your worst dressing

Suresh Thakur says:

I like your dedication for this video. God bless you.

ramsai krishna says:

Love you Mom

Asar Sabana says:

Girl or boy

Maria Rodriguez says:

The Lord bless you and bless you precious baby.

Dk sir. fauzdar says:


Debarati Sarkar says:

Did you have normal or c section delivery?

Alicia McDaniel says:

Congrats on the pregnancy journey and I can’t wait til my fiancé and I get to have the full on experience but recently we lost twins on 12/27/19 due to a miscarriage and it has been rough cause they would of been born on 7/14/20 or sooner and looking for groups or people who have been on the same boat as us so please please please don’t hesitate to comment on this…


Nice beby girl ya boy??

Mama Andie says:

Beautiful! You’re amazing mama!

Swathi Yelisetty says:

How come u don't have any stretch marks on Ur belly…tell me the secret dear

Ихтиёрбек Абдулхаев says:

Aynanib kete asal bolam ozimni kichkintoy umrin uzoq bolsin ota onen faxrlanib yuradigon farzand bolib yetiwgin

VKF Vlogs says:

I will make my wife watch this. She is into her 5th week. Thanks for such a lovely video. Great informative video

Khadija Waqas says:

Baby boy or baby girl

Angélica Pinheiro says:

Minha mãe tá grávida e a barriga tá começando a a parecer

TheSunflower Girl says:

how do.i know if im pregnant when i already look 15 weeks.pregnant

Ha Phạm says:

19 weeks❤️❤️❤️

Sandz xo says:

That was so beautiful

Skye S says:

Beautiful video!!! Final part is the cutest… awww

Reshmi Nair says:

Shameless fellow

Reshmi Nair says:

Most hopeless video

soultree serenade says:

Cool video..nice progression. I think i may be 6 weeks myself. I ain't evennn ready thooo..havent been pregnant in 11 years..#nervoso

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