Pregnancy Tips : How to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant

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Sleeping comfortably while pregnant can be achieved with a body pillow, a maternity pillow or other pillows made specifically for women who have extra weight in front. Discover why pregnant women should never sleep on their backs with help from a labor and delivery nurse in this free video on pregnancy and obstetrics.


Dragonfly Sparrow says:

My Midwife says when it's difficult to breathe, you have pain, etc. sleeping on your back, then your body's telling u that you shouldn't do it. Doctors usually tell EVERY pregnant mom to "not sleep on your back" so they don't have to deal with each as an individual case. With kid #1, I had NO issues sleeping on my back, so I did 'cause it was comfy. Now, almost ready to have kid #2, I find it suffocating to sleep on my back, so I don't. Listen to your bodies, gals. Doctors don't know everything.

Mansoor Ahmed Photography says:

what about right side.. my wife cant sleep on left side? :(

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