Pregnancy Tag Video + 3 1/2 Month’s Post-Partum Belly Shot!

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TAG! You’re it….
Tag questions:
1) What do you wish someone told you about pregnancy?
2) What do you wish someone told you about Labor and Delivery?
3) How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?
4) How did you tell daddy?
5) What did you feel when you delivered emotionally and physically?
6) How long after you delivered did it take you to feel normal physically again?
7) What is the best thing about being a mom/new mom?
8) What is the most unexpected thing about being a new mom?
9) Do you miss being pregnant?
10) How many children do you want, how do you want to space them and why?
11) Is it hard for you to see how fast they grow and how do you handle this?
Channel Name: jenad82 =)


nellie pisani says:

how old is your other son?


how old are you ??

Sarah Cullen says:

He’s soooo cute!(:

KimberlysJourney2 says:

@FABMOVIEBEAR123 I am 24 =)

KimberlysJourney2 says:

Thanks! :)

KimberlysJourney2 says:

@silentmusic22 haha thanks! Ohhh yes, he is always doing something to stay
busy lol

KimberlysJourney2 says:

Thanks! Hard to believe he’s 13 months now lol 😉

silentmusic22 says:

your son is so cute! very active!

KimberlysJourney2 says:

He is 6. Will be 7 in January

Charlotte Pool says:

Such a cute baby! 3

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