Pregnancy Simulator – “Mommy Tummy” #DigInfo

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Pregnancy Simulator – “Mommy Tummy”

DigInfo TV –

15/9/2011 Tokyo Game Show 2011

Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Mommy Tummy

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Virgil Wong says:

Would you wear an electronic pregnancy simulator?

rattletop says:


BMO25691 says:

Yep. The same way it is okay to be a chick and NOT want to know what it’s
like to be pregnant. It happens and you’re not a worst person for it

basl999999 says:

الله جعل الحمل والولاده للمرأه وماجعلها للمرأه لان المرأه قادره على تحمل
الالام اكثر من الرجل

Pedro Osório says:

@MeeksVID You have no idea what you are talking about. 38 weeks from
conception (the REAL time of pregnancy) and 40 weeks from the last
menstruation (280 days, 280/30 = 9.(3))

Panayiotis Kyriakou says:

@keoism it is! usually 40 weeks~ 9 months and 10 days

I got nuthin' says:

@MnVEVO You are subscribed you BAKA!

AnomisMLG says:

wtf -.-“

Mickey Mouse says:

can it stimulate my dick as if pregnant?

iruruu says:

How can I guy hope to make something that replicates the feeling of a

deadballo says:

1:26 pogo pogo pogo…guri guri guri

karnella says:

How come Japanese technology always looks like it’s based off creepy

tomlets says:

I just got the weirdest boner

رمال علي says:

مستحيل يحسو بالتعب مستحييييلا

sakuraminekura says:

aww i thought it is really heartwarming… at least men will know how it
feels to be pregnant w.. its so magical and bonding with the wife and the
child! bet they will love their newborn child more too! lets not look this
at the negative way, shall we? 😉

itcouldb says:

All japanese technology is focused on the ultimate creation of the perfect
robot wife.

KamenRiderBlackSun says:

thats just so gay

Simon Hansson says:

@poodleshavings No, the average pregnancy lasts 38 weeks from conception.
38 weeks is 266 days, and 266 / 30 = 8.86, almost nine months. Even if we
use 28-day months, it will be 266 / 28 = 9.50, nine and a half months.

mrfuzzles92 says:


nooblessnoobster says:

at 0:40 there is Vocaloid on the right, in the mannequin’s hand.

Serieus Frank says:

Better resource than, people in the supermarket buy more candy with a
supermarket-bag, then with the supermarket’s shopcar….. like why should i
know that?!

viroman says:

ok this is fascinating… and disturbing

seklay says:

technology is evil.

3Target33 says:

is it sad that i want tone of these?

KryssLaBryn says:

@guardsofdroknar It helps husbands to understand exactly what their wives
mean when they say how awful they feel and that they can’t bend over. 😉 I
do have to admit, it would be cool to show my own husband what it feels
like to have the baby moving inside you. It’s a fascinating, weird feeling
that, aside from something like this, he’s never going to get to experience.

ChopstickSamari says:

the real problem with this is that a man is wearing the tech thingy

TurboNemesis says:

bellyflop and get the lowest score

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