Pregnancy Music Video ( pregnant balloon tummy )

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Rose Smith says:

This is sweet

ThePvPCrafter says:

Beautiful 😉
Song matches with video!

Shane-Nicole S says:

How long did this take

leadfoot driver says:


Hailey Mason says:

nice vid

swrodgon says:

Shane it doesn’t actually work that way, great belly though.

thechipmunck9769 says:

Thanks johnny, no I am not leaving youtube. I simply have a new place to
host some of my pregnancy movie reviews at

MrRiffraff84 says:

bttf! :)

Lyze says:

Ah sweet. I saw this on you blip tv video and tried to look around for it.
Thanks for posting it, I was unsuccessful :D.

Pregnant Models says:

Nice video, I thought from a previous video that you were leaving youtube.
Glad to see more videos, keep up the good work!

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