Pregnancy Music: Relaxing Piano Music for Labor & Music for Babies

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Soothing Relaxing Meditation Music & Songs for Pregnant Mothers, Childbirth, Delivery & Baby Sleep, a Soft and Relax Slow Music for Pregnancy and to Help you Sleep and Unwind, Calming Music Peaceful Songs and Yoga Music for Yoga Poses during Pregnancy, Solo Piano Sleeping Music for Pregnant Mothers and their Baby in the Belly


SensualMusicClub says:

Hi! I’m posting here the tracklist of the video. You can easily download
your album from the link posted under the release date: 1: Loving me (track
17), 2: Spa with Relaxing Piano (16), 3: A Time for You (15), 4: Emotional
Space (14), 5: Awakening (13), 6: Massage (12), 7: Relaxing Spa Music (22),
8: Relaxing Piano Bar (11), 9: My Piano (10), 10: Relaxation Music (7)

Azizi Nurbayah Arshad says:

I am 21 weeks pregnant. I put headphone to my baby and he is kicking really
hard than usual.

Maya Istyanto says:

How can i download this vid… i love it so much..

Azura Izikonoki says:

can i get the name of the pianist, it seems that the information in itunes
is so limited. I wish to check on the piano sheets on these tracks

Gayathri Uppalapati says:

Awesome music I ever heard.I feel excited when my baby kicking me in my
womb than usual

japan Penpon says:

George Demetriou says:

Where can i find relaxing music for pregnant fathers ?

SchundySnow says:

lullaby for my babies…

Juli Taquez says:

quien es el autor de 5: Awakening

Gino Riswanto says:

all is well broh

Melvin abel Reyes Mejia says:

alguien me puede decir como se llama la melodia q suena en el minuto 23 por
favor o como la puedo encontrar pliss 

Janet Palma Galleguillos says:

Maravillosa música.
Muchas gracias.

pritta ayudhia says:

Love this..makes me and my baby feels relax and calm..thx for this
wonderful instrumental song..

Sara Ioan says:

music at 57:00 please 

Angelica Edpinoza says:

M nknta esa musica para mi bb eslo maximo 

dewi ratnasari says:

I love this song,,,, accompany me do my work,,,,,, while already saturated
and tired

Dave Malmsteen says:

good i like this

AbortiveClone says:

Thanks for the upload. It’s brilliant!

Mariana Mendez Marin says:


Cindy Ann says:

Upon hearing the music, my baby kicked! Amazing! From now on then I will
play this! ^^

Thank you!

Dety Nurfadilah says:

Do you guys know the title of the first song? 

Kat Tanguilig says:

So relaxing.. Thank you for this! I need it badly!

Monika Gławdel says:

Just amazing. Love

Nichole Miller says:

i’m done with kids
i alredy have parish

Daniil Eremeev says:

Absolutely beautiful!

zahra gh says:

i listen this music every day and this music help me so much thanks

chilloutloungerelax says:

Thank you too for listening and enjoy your relaxation…

Heejin Choi says:

Thank you~~i love it

Nirosha Kumara says:…Dhananjaya uahanovita…2013

Jorge Sanchez says:

Yo Ji

Gero Nimos says:

I listen this Pregnancy Music everyday.

kgeethu says:

Beautiful music. I am sure my baby likes it. Thank you.

Shahnaz Ahmed says:

Love this and it helps me relax

Yazmin Morales says:

Alguien sabe como se llama la melodia de minuto 13:30 o como la puedo
encontrar por si sola? por favor.

Claudia Demitri says:

Every day I play this for my baby (20 week), and my baby and I, both love

lizziiturtle says:

Love this, it makes me want to sleep too! Lol :) im gonna play this for my
baby girl more often. Im 33 weeks today :)

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