Pregnancy Journey from day 1 to birth

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I try to sum up the last wild, emotional 9 months up to the birth of our boy!

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Vms Vms says:

Oh i am cry cute baby

Lovely Dani says:

This is lovely
Check out my pregnancy journey too on my channel thank u

adaywithjaye says:

Amazing video! Thanks for sharing something so personal and intimate. She looks so happy all the way through and the baby is beautiful. Congratulations!

Carin Somers says:

what a beautiful documentary that you will cherish forever, greetings from a dutch #nosmallcreator

Floyd Bromley says:

I found this video through #nosmallcreator. This isn't the kind of video I would normally watch, but with little to do on a Sunday night I decided to give it a watch. I'd just like to say I rather enjoyed it, it was a well put together video.

Bonnie Lee says:

This was the best video I've watched in a long time

JazzStackss says:

Ure 9 month belly looked like a 5 month belly

JazzStackss says:

Aww congrats my stomach is not so big either thank god! U looked amazing ❤

Samantha Pittman says:

This was beautiful

Barbora Kroutilik says:

That's perfect! I was born on January 30th too, almost at the same time as your little boy! ♥

akeino xiong says:

Her belly doesn't get very big. My friend is 4 months and it looks like she 8 months

Emmalee Abrams says:

ahhh happy tears! i can’t wait to meet this little fella. cassius has the best parents in the world!

J Irons says:

Dude this made me cry! So awesome!

Jennifah Simmons says:

Absolutely Amazing!! Great job Daddy!

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