Pregnancy First Trimester Vlog! | 8 Week Doctor's Appt + Pregnancy Announcements | VLOGMAS DAY 4

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Week by week pregnancy updates! I’m pregnant with my second pregnancy + baby #2 (we will have 2 under 2) I’m sharing my first trimester symptoms, a pregnancy announcement idea, and my first prenatal ultrasound appointment.
– Pregnancy First Trimester Vlog! | 8 Week Doctor’s Appt + Pregnancy Announcements | VLOGMAS DAY 4

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Kayla P. says:

I’m so jealous I wanna be pregnant again already and I had my son a month ago. Ofc I won’t for a while but I just miss being pregnant. I’m so excited for you though you got me through all of my pregnancy and I had an easy and fast labor!

julia a says:

when is your due date!?

Ruthie U says:

Im so sorry if you said it but how many weeks are you right now?❤️

Adriana McCaffrey says:

My baby’s heart rate was 168! I found out at 20 weeks I was having a boy

Alisa Belkins says:

Congratulations!! I just found your channel. I'm at 33 weeks!

Meg Rose says:

living vicariously through your adorable pregnancy journey! love love loved your pregnancy journey with Wesson so I'm so excited for baby #2!!

Rahma Vlogs says:

I can't wait To see More Pregnancy Ultrasounds and updates i've been Here Since You Found out You are pregnant with Wesson ❤ I can't wait To see another Little Angel Playing With Him THey Are Going To be best Friends. ❤❤❤

Britney Hornberger says:

So happy for you guys! We had to do IVF with our first and we’re shocked that I’m pregnant again. Our first is only 5 months. It’s going to be a wild ride lol

MeEr NuTz says:

Yessss big brother Wesson❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alexis Reyes says:

I had no idea you was pregnant again . Congrats .

Stormi's Adventures says:

I've had alot of cry attacks girl I feel you

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