Pregnancy Diary: 21 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary at 21 weeks – second baby. You can read all of the first pregnancy diaries here:

The website for the sedum roof people (random!) is

My name is Ruth Crilly, I’m possibly better known for being “A Model Recommends” – I live with a house cat, a dog, my husband and my baby who is, at time of writing, 15 months old. My husband does not appear in videos but is very much present!

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jhudson721 says:

Big wangers !!!

Donnakelly86 says:

I could listen to you read a Chinese takeout menu, you're so very soothing and hilarious at the same time. Hope you feel better soon, it's crap (no pun intended…) feeling awful when you've got a little un to entertain and another little un to grow!

Sophie Elliott says:

Hi Ruth, love your snug and roof situation! Hope you're feeling better. Love the updates too x

Sonia wicks says:

love Ruth she's brilliant. Ruth you need to do a real truth pregnancy book ☺☺☺

Jan Franklin (jrfran22) says:

Feel better soon and hydrate. I got the flu with my second pregnancy, and the doctors were totally uninterested. Those little parasites are tough rascals. Can you walk on your roof? It is just lovely.

Cheryl Collinson says:

Poor you!!! I hope by now you're feeling better. It's no fun being poorly but it's even more unpleasant when you're pregnant and poorly. Your new'ish home is lovely. xoxo

Simona Sucala says:

Hi Ruth, just to say i love watching your vlogs, you're great! Can't wait to meet baby no 2 :)) Lots of love!

Lisa Harmer says:

I had to laugh at the Google story. I think we can all relate to that and for that reason I have a policy that I never Google symptoms because it just causes unnecessary worry. Google doesn't come with a degree or a lovely empathetic doctor lol

Beth Sontag says:

Oh what did we do before Google? Talked to other humans!

MegaUnfunny says:

Saw the thumbnail to the side of my screen with the word 'new' by it and thought WHAT? A second pregnancy? I hadn't known at all so that was a pleasant surprise! Look after yourself 😀 Also a couple of times in this video you reminded me of Louise Pentland

Crystal Rayna says:

the first thing my doctor told me when I got pregnant was to never Google, and don't ask friends about their pregnancy, because every pregnancy is different. of course I still googled all the time though, haha.

Marie Diana says:

Hi Lil Mama. You look great xo

skylilly1 says:

There are some early bad viruses this year. Everyone is sick here. Take it easy and get well.

A Chris Jones says:

I had the flu two months before my due date and was so dehydrated that I did have contractions and went to the hospital. They gave me an IV with fluids and the contractions stopped. After a few hours they sent me home and all was fine.

Ellen Wildner says:

Hope you're feeling better Ruth! Love your roof :)

chriseqisaeqmoi says:

Love the vlogs thanks for checking in with us as always and all the best to you and your human and animal babies

The Anna Edit says:

I laughed so hard at your doctor on the phone impression that I choked on a kinder bueno – serves me right! Hope you feel better soon Ruth! X

elsita888 says:

Love love your vlogs! I started reading your Uphill blog last year during my pregnancy and have been reading it since! :) Oh and of course, congrats on baby #2!! Xx

Gemma Jade says:

These were some of my favourite videos to film and look back on! I love reading your blog xx

Joy ce says:

Google paper cut and be diagnosed with a severed finger.

Maria Hermínia Hansen says:

Dr Google is not a good doctor-dehydration is not good for you

Maria Hermínia Hansen says:

Please go to your obgyn

Peanut says:

I am 21 weeks and also feeling loads of kicking too! I am so clogged up and can't go to the loo (sorry TMI!) am eating so well and drinking loads too! Sob!! Anyway, it's all worth it! Love my baby Pickle (boy).

SoniaVerardo BeautyBlog says:

I love watching your pregnancy vlogs! I hope you start feeling better soon! xo from Italy

Charlotte M says:

Congratulations Ruth! so pleased that you have this new channel… I'm am also 22 weeks pregnant so enjoying following along xx

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