Pregnancy Diaries – Third Trimester Essentials

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A few of my pregnancy essentials to help you survive the third trimester!
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Maternity Pillow –
Miracle Oil –
Spatone –
Kindle –

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hollybobbsblog says:

Great tips, that maternity pillow does look fab! Unfortunately I couldn’t
deal with spatone, too much like eating pennies, but it does sound like its
really good if you can x

Amanda Walsh says:

Gaviscon was my saviour with all 4 of my pregnancies! Towards the end it
just didn’t cut it and I got ranitidine, its amazing. I too loved my
maternity pillow! Popping by from the #YourYoutube linky x

Practically Perfect Mums says:

Gaviscon was fab in my first pregnancy – or milk helped if I didn’t have
Gaviscon to hand. Great job!

Alison Perry says:

Really useful tips and loved seeing your bedroom. Even your hot water
bottle coordinates! ;)

The Gibblets says:

Swinging by from #yyt on hollybobbs ! Great link up I think hope it lasts !
Great video generally we really should drink more water instead of tea and
coffee to save our teeth ! Katy struggled to sleep at night too !

Jessica Cherry Blogs says:

Great tips, I never tried Spatone but wish I’d known about it. I couldn’t
ever swallow Gaviscon as it was so thick it made me puke! I love your
bedsheets too x

Laura Side Street says:

Great tips and so glad you have something that works for your heartburn – I
also keep forgetting to take my spa tone 

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