Pregnancy blog week 20(5 months)

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jennifer rodriguez says:

Te miras muy bien. Saludos

DivaVirtual19 says:

gracias :)

partymarty871 says:

Even though it may be a little hard I think its good that your kids will be
close in age because it will make them closer…I am a only child & I
always wished I had a sister or brother, especially close to my age

akkahc626 says:

Congratz!! I was following u with when u was pregnant from jaz!!! I was
preggos to my son will be 2 in june so happy to follow u again….

DivaVirtual19 says:

yea i have like 7 siblings im the oldest… my big brother is 17 and my
bigger sis 14 and the smallest one is like a week old lol i love my big
family but im just havin 2 kids no moree lol

Suduce Madusa says:

you look great ! and i know your happy that this pregnancy is going very
well. its my first pregnancy and it seems as though its taken forever lol –
your ahead of me by exactly 4 weeks so i watch your videos just to see what
to expect lol.

ReillyAJ says:

yay happy half way

809tuchikita says:

Hola.te ves bien linda te kiero.preguntar algo.tubiste.un

DivaVirtual19 says:

en verdad no tube ninguna clase de flujos diferente me ise la prueba por
retraso y mi flujo no a cambiado casi nada

DivaVirtual19 says:

the first is almost always like that with jazlyn i felt like i was pregnant
for 3 years lol.. and with this one its just too fast im really getting

arianna faure tamayo says:

felicidades estas ya a mas de la mitad,el tiempo esta volandoooo,y el
nombre ya lo escogiste?

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