Pregnancy Belly Progression (baby #3) 4 weeks to 2 months Post Partum

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Amelia EverythingBabyNames says:

You look AWESOME!

SantanasMom1 says:

So beautiful Melissa! Its crazy looking back how fast it goes by:(

MissMommyMelissa says:

haha you would Melissa!!!! Colbie Caillit :)

JoyableMom09 says:

You look so great!

MissMommyMelissa says:

Thanks hun! <3

Andrea Tummons says:

You look amazing before, during, and after!! Good work Melissa!

MissMommyMelissa says:

Thank you!!

Jenny Bean says:

Ohh this is on my to do list!! I’ve got all the pictures lined up in the
same spot I just have to put them in a slide show! Very cute!

MissMommyMelissa says:

Thank you, and I agree!

HelenaTeeter says:

Love this! xoxo

MissMommyMelissa says:

Thank you! :)

aemt444 says:

you are so cute I just want to poke you in the eyeball lol. JK… who sings
this song?

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