Pregnancy after tummy tuck

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Pregnant after tummy tuck 32 weeks. Feeling very tight, lots of muscle stretching. Baby is growing at a perfectly normal rate, no complications. Scar and belly button still in tact. No new stretch marks yet (fingers crossed).


TrullaLleroLa says:

yes I +kstillett Still think that exercise is way better than a surgery!It
might cost a lot of money plus its not safe you know. Good thing I found
this famous site that offers cellulite removal.I tried it myself and it
works after a short period of time.

Andrea Pezzetti says:

Thk u for sharing I also had a tt and lipo and kinda at 34 weeks I look the
same as u in this… wondering how well did your tummy go down after =)

stephannieduran2 says:

Hi, at how many weeks was your baby born?

SmartCookie says:

Thank you SO much for posting this video.

Sarah Smith says:

Tracy Hankins las Vegas Nv

Dizzy Dee says:

Who did your tummy tuck? It looks amazing!

JmmyJrsMom says:

Where do you live? Who is your surgeon?! Your tt looks amazing!

garoux100 says:

Lol, i hear 16 & pregnant playing in the background.

Divalicioussymone says:

Thanks so much for this video it was so helpful!

amy lamb says:

You look great…..I also had a TT in 2008 and next month we are going to
try for kiddo #3! Hows the scar doing around your belly button? I’m worried
about getting stretch marks around it. Have you been using any type of

gparrishgsxr says:

Keep posting new videos. You look great. I hope all goes well for you and
your baby. Its great to see women go through pregnancy post tt and know
that it is ok. Did your Doctor give you a hard time at all about pregnancy
and post tt? Also does your tummy measure normally at your Dr appts for how
far along you are? Any other advice for other women? How long until you
began to show?

Sarah Smith says:

Too bad I did not post this video to have my voice analyzed. Lol. It was to
help people in my situation gain a little info on how it goes because I
needed info during my pregnancy and there was not enough available.

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