Pregnancy AFTER Tummy Tuck at 38 weeks 9 months.

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Amy Lynn says:

6lbs 14ozs I’ll be doing an update today.

Amy Lynn says:

That’s crazy your measuring almost the same as me…yet your tiny and I
have a beach ball LOL.

carinacrolla says:

What did your baby end up weighing?

Cassandra M says:

Im a lot wider then “out” front. Its definatly growing into my sides and
back! Im in SO much pain today. no matter how I sit or turn or stand it
just is excruiating! i think baby might be on a nerve or something :( these
next 12 days feel like a million days still

Cassandra M says:

Your stomach doesn’t look like its grown at all in the last two videos til
now. Looks great! We are showing differently in shape, but my stomach is
measuring 39 inches, so we are basically the same, just “showing”
different. I can’t wait until Thursday!

Amy Lynn says:

Sorry 15 ozs

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