Pregnancy after Tummy Tuck @ 3 months!

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lauryte08 says:

Hi! uch your belly is growing fast, but looks good! Glad that you feel good
and the baby growing well! The belly band is a very good thing! take care!

Cassandra M says:

hey, hows everything? you are probably around 14 or 15 weeks now.. have you
popped out big yet? My due date was set back a week! It seems that they
just cant figure it out lol. so now I am due on the 26th. Everything here
is the same.. still the same weight, stomach is the same size, i just feel
really full after I eat. Im reading a lot of posts saying its not til
around 15-20 weeks that people got a distinguished “bump” after a tummy
tuck. anyways, no pain or anything here. very uneventful lol!

Cassandra M says:

I need to get a belly band! I was using my binder from the tummy tuck in
the first few months, but I dont think it can be very good for the baby..
its way to tight! going to buy a belly band asap! Your belly looks good!!
I’m going to post mine this week sometime!

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