Pregnancy after a Tummy Tuck @ 8 Months 32 weeks!!

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Cassandra M says:

You definitely do not look like you’ve gained 28 pounds! You look great!
And especially being 8 months now, your bump is still way smaller than a
person without a tt. I have the same pain when I turn to the side you were
talking about. Today, everything hurts though… I’ve been in bed all
morning from the pain. Maybe this is the big growth spurt finally

Amy Lynn says:

Yes! I seem to get it a lot! More than what I’ve ever gotten it with my
other 2 pregnancies.

carinacrolla says:

Have you suffered with heartburn? Ive found that because im so much more
compacted this time round that it feels like the baby is crushing my
stomach and forcing the acid up no matter what I eat and when. Its so damn
painful x

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