Pregnancy after a Tummy Tuck @ 8 1/2 Months or 34 weeks

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I forgot to mention when she moves it almost hurts at times…she’s getting so big and my belly is only stretching so much. She moves ALOT at night and you can almost see each body part.
Also- Sorry about all the “umms” lol


Amy Lynn says:

No c-section was needed….I have videos up until 4 weeks postpartum. I had
her at 39 weeks! :)

stephannieduran2 says:

Hello, at what week did u end up having baby? Did u need a c

crpsaiyan says:

The question is, could you breathe a little better during this video? If
you’re breathing is a little better than from your previous months, then
yes, your baby dropped.

carinacrolla says:

Looking fab. And your baby is weighing a good size. And im sure any added
weight will drop off when baby arrive. Hope you dont go over. No doubt I
will…..boooohoooo :-( x

Amy Lynn says:

You think?! I’ve been miserable today! The top of my stomach is sooo tight!

Cassandra M says:

You do look like you’ve dropped! I bet you will go at 37 weeks. That’s my
guess lol. It’s funny how both our babies are a good weight, and I was
convinced they would be small because of the TT. Guess not!

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