Pregnancy after a tummy tuck 36 weeks or 9 months!!!

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Not a whole lot going on this week except more stretching pains….I have had a lot of Braxton hicks contractions, nothing major but uncomfortable. LOTS of swelling in my feel this week :( I think I have sausage toes! LOL


Cassandra M says:

my skin is also oily! The last week my skin has completly changed for the
worst. I had clear skin the whole pregnancy, and this week I have broken
out with three massive zits! my hair is so greasy, I have to wear it up
even after I wash it. Definately a hormone shift.. i dont even use my cream
anymore because i just feel so gross! I have to shower in the morning and
before bed. Probably the worst thing about from last week to this week, I
should have added that in my video

Amy Lynn says:

I told my husband I’m so happy and shocked I don’t have any new stretch
marks!! I keep thinking ill go the end of this month..he thinks I’ll go the
1st week in October. My skin is almost oily on my belly just from all the
lotion I put on it. My pelvis is spreading! I can feel those same pains!

carinacrolla says:

You look great. Fingers crossed you dont go over your due date like I did.
I had my baby 2 days ago at 40+4. I will be posting a new video soon so u
can all see the after belly :-)

Cassandra M says:

I think you are going to go soon! Your skin looks great, what a relief! Im
still afraid of stretch marks coming, but im thinking if we made it this
far we might be ok! do you feel like you are going to go full term or do
you think you will go early? I keep getting these shooting pains in my
pelvis today. I think my hips must be spreading a little to prepare.

Amy Lynn says:

Congrats!! I’m praying I go in a few weeks. Cross your fingers for me lol.
Can’t wait to see the belly!!!

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