Pregnancy after a Tummy Tuck @ 16 weeks!

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Here’s my 16 week update! I also forgot to mention I’m now using Palmer’s Belly lotion and Bio Oil twice a day….hopefully to prevent stretch marks.


Amy Lynn says:

I did have my ability muscles stitched together, and I never spoke to my
plastic surgeon about getting pregnant. I did lots of research before hand.
My abs are still intact and are tight…not as tight as they were though.
I hope this helps! 

angela zink says:

hi! thanks for your videos! i have a couple questions…did you have your
abs stitched (diastasis recti repair) with your tummy tuck?? did you talk
to your plastic surgeon before getting pregnant? thanks!

dwtj1978 says:

I’m just going to say one thing take it as you will can you please show
more in your videos more of the scar more of the belly and how the belly is
affecting the scar heres the part that everybody yells at me about so I
expect the same from you but I think to accomplish my request you have to
be nude or in almost non-existent panties to give us the full scope of

Cassandra M says:

You look great! Doesn’t look like you’ve grown very much, you’re still very
small compared to a normal 16 week belly! Do you like the bio oil better
than the palmers? I’m looking for a new cream, mine is just getting way to
greasy! I’ll post my video at the end of next week :) hope you’re feeling
well! Keep in touch :)

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