Pregnancy Advice for Men: Things You NEVER Say

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Men need pregnancy advice too. There are just some things that you don’t ask or say to a pregnant woman. Take my advice, I have learned the hard way. Hopefully as you are enjoying the adventure of pregnancy with your wife, you will avoid trouble. Enjoy!…and make sure to subscribe for more!

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Farzana Fatema says:

doorbelll ..ha ah a lol


aww I wish I get a husband who knows these things….and says these lines exactly which u said in last…. lol I wish he might be watching this somewhere..!

Corky Williams III says:

Just found out my fiancé is pregnant I've taken many notes on this video I'm ready to go to war!!!

vanessa Acosta says:

my heart got warm on that last sentence. your wife has trained you well lol 

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