pregnancy 1 month

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Darwin fan says:

1:54 because this is totally “a clump of cells” -_- god I hat stupid,
uneducated people!

jennifer lee says:

Thanks preshemie! this thing works! ==>

Ramya Remya says:

Congrats god bless u

xokizza says:

im 5 weeks pregnant!!! =) first time mommy

Malakia Jane says:

My name is Jane . Im two month pregnat!!! And I LOVE my baby !!!!! Thanks
god for my bless miracle!!!!!) am really happy indeed for great blessing
from god . thank u thank u………

Tamora Howard says:

We will find out this week officially. Even though I took four total home
pregnancy tests. Took another one today and I’m still late.

mimie bula says:

@lbrslin Another Negative Pregnancy Test? Watch This Video ==>

Jaimie Kalp says:

Aww love I just finished watching the video haha while pregnancy, the
diaper with the flap thingy is an all-in-one diaper. Earn 10-45 dollar for
filling in surveys, go to succes88. com and sign up. you wont regret it. By
the way, lovely video! But we r super excited just like u 2!! Happy for

Regina Oke says:

God is great

Pichurk says:

I’m one month pregnant!! And love my baby!!!!! Thanks God for my lil
biggest miracle!!!!! :)

emmacuppa says:

Great info thank you

nicenaye says:

this is an awesome video! great job!!!

lbreslin73 says:


พรวิมล ต้องชู says:

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