Practical Tips on The Art of Parenting

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In his distinctive style, Swami Swaroopananda takes us through the important journey of parenthood – traversing the interesting challenges parents and children face through the ties that bind them. Peppered with the highest wisdom, generous doses of humour, spellbinding anecdotes and a boundless enthusiasm for imparting practical philosophy, Swamiji envelops us in his discourse on the Art of Parenting — guaranteed to leave one more aware of the joys and responsibilities of parenting.

Swami Swaroopananda, a disciple of the world-renowned Master of Vedanta , and champion of India’s spiritual wisdom, Swami Chinmayananda, spreads the timeless message of Vedanta into the most motivating, effective and relevant way of life for modern man, woman, youth and child. A most eloquent and proficient speaker, his integration of Vedanta with management has earned him great respect at institutions such as Ford, Apollo, London Business School and Harvard University. He is the Regional Head of Chinmaya Mission UK, Australia and the Far East and the Director of Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore, India, where Swamiji presently is based.


Assia Eva says:

I m an algerian muslim but I do admit that the Hindu wisdom is the only tue one.

Hemkant Sonavane says:

Thank you swamiji

Dr Prasad Paatrudhu says:

good talk on parenting.

Vrinda Sikri says:

I bow my head towards this vision, if implemented..

Laxman Bandi says:


alem ayana says:

most incredible lecture, wow god bless you Swami

Iron Feliks says:

Question: I recently bought some Chinese kids and now matter how badly I whip them, they still won't be quiet at night, I was wondering if you had any advice on maybe scaring them to the point where they stop talking, thanks!

senthilkumar rajendrapandian says:

Great experience
. 9965825958 says:

most useful videos

Sampangi Balagere says:

great respects for swamiji  for his knowledge.

Manikandan Srinivasan says:

wonderful video, more of psychological understanding and upbringing

Draupadi Omkar says:

Wonderful video,Thank you for uploading!

sudeep rajgadhia says:

adhbhut swami swaroopanandjee.he is from iit-iim background.hatss off……

raj jar says:

i hav no perfect word to appreciate it…………..thank you sir for upload

Aishwarya Kumar says:

Thanks a lot for this wonderful presentation. It was indeed so inormative to both parents and children alike.

Jayanta Roy Chowdhury says:

It's really useful and informative to all of us. Thanks Swamiji.

Anguraja Ramasamy says:

Thank u very much swamiji!! realy good & useful for parents!!

shillem grant says:

This is the first time I have considered not smacking my child. This guy is amazing

mohit rai says:

Swami ji , dhanyavad .ishwar karey ki hum sadha apke is shiksha ko yaad rakhey.Om Shanti Shanti Shanti….

Rishov Sharma says:

Thank you I learn a lot.

Kavita RAju says:

Thank you Swamiji for wonderful tips and assurance !

Venu M K says:

read frequently and treasurable

Priya S says:

I like a lot of things about this lecture – but there are many that I beg to differ with.  And one of the accusations: "south indian families dance with their kids but north indians don't" ?  everyone knows the reverse is true.  But looking past the small things – overall this is a good video.  I feel though that my parents didn't do any of this (as most indian parents) and we turned out perfectly fine (like most indian kids).

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