Postpartum Challenge (2 Days Postpartum) : What My Belly Looks Like After Baby

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Hey Babez! So I just had baby Lea 2 days ago. I wanted to give you guys a quick update and also to let you know I will be starting my 6 week challenge and my squat challenge on Monday July 18th. To keep up with me follow me on Instagram @CleopatrAAnnmarie and Snapchat @Cleopatra_Baby

Welcome Lea Daya-Reign:

My Last Day Being Pregnant Ever:

38 Weeks Dancing to Zumba:

37 Weeks Update:

35 Weeks: What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag:

30 Weeks Pregnant:

Soho Designs Diaper Bag:

Summer Infant Bath Sling:

Baby Haul/Free Breast Pump/Ultra Sound (28weeks):

6 month Pregnancy Update: Braxton Hicks, Gestational Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism:

Gender Reveal: It’s a Girl!

Maternity Look Book Spring/Summer 2016:

Pregnancy Announcement:

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My Squat Journey Year 1 and 2:

Ab Challenge Day 7:



Lea G says:

Girl you looked really good. I hope a couple days after I can look the same.

Ario Shams says:

You are one of most beautiful women that i have seen

Piinkstar17 says:

do you feel lighter or do you still feel pregnant?

Zach Strei says:

That big ole belly is so cute, adorable, and gorgeous as well as beautiful Cleo :) I mean I don't know what to consider your belly as… Is it the belly of a pregnant princess or the belly of a very protective amazon warrior girl. :)

Bossbabe Cleopatra says:

Awe that's great you definitely have to be comfortable in the skin your in. But you have to at least try and be confident in knowing that the more you do to achieve your fitness goals the more you will like your body. Especially if you stick to it.

LifeWith Littles says:

I'm about to do squats as soon as my 6 weeks are up, I just had a baby August 25th and I don't feel as confident as you ALTHOUGH I wish I did! :/ I stayed with a belly and I just feel so uncomfortable. I am definitely subscribing to your channel! :)

child of the most high GOD says:

Congratulations . She's beautiful , God bless her and your entire family

Robin F says:

Congratulations! Beautiful baby. Blessings.

Chantale Johnson says:

you look awesome chica . God bless you and your family .

Lechita makeup says:


Conrad Carvalho says:

At two days of life, Lea is looking excellent, so are you. A suggestion, if you have the time and access to a large pool, long distance and intense swimming is the perfect total body workout. I'v noted a few times you swimming. Again, Congratulations. Good Night.

Lana Banana says:

How many squats do you do a day?

Kcordelia Starr says:

Awe, she's sweet. Mommy & baby look beautiful. Thumbs up for your level of fitness, true inspiration. Sending you continued vibes of persistence, perseverance and success in meeting your body goals. Looking forward to future vlogs. Thank you for sharing.

Takneeva says:

Beautiful baby girl

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