Postnatal Slimdown Workout Week 1 – Free 30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Postnatal Challenge! Workouts from Lindsay Brin’s Postnatal SlimDown DVD. Download the full 30 Day Calendar at


Natalie W says:

I kind of knew about the diastasis recti but no one ever told me to check for it or what to do. I have 4 children under 7. My youngest is 8 mo and I have never heard to do these type of workouts. When I would try to fix my stomach issues (it sticks way out above my belly button down and looks like I'm pregnant) I tested myself and believe I am a 3-4. Thanks for the video. Might be a silly question but should week 1 be done 7 days in a row or 4-5 days?

Ray B. says:

Lovely mothers, be patient and kind to your bodies. It took you 9 months to create and carry a beautiful blessing and you need at least two months to rest after birth. Take the time you need to get back into shape and be patient with it. It can be the first lesson you show your child. God bless! Talk to your doctor before doing any exercise !

Angie alpern says:

assuming I'll have a natural vaginal birth, and considering the fact that I exercised throwout my pregnancy how soon I can use these exercises?

villa teng says:

Great channel, very good video. Thanks for sharing. I liked it

kendra gessel says:

i had a c section
is working out safe for me? is a month old

Tobs D says:

Hi there what's the preferred weights to buy I have an 8 month baby

Liliane Kaelle says:

i think that is ok, for c-section , my baby is just 2 months and im doing this voor twoo weeks now, and is going great. But you have to ask to your dokter befor doing any workout. ;)

starmsjc says:

Do you avoid squeezing your butt when doing pelvic tilts?

kapil sachdeva says:

hi i have a question do this same workout needed to be done for a week n then go to other one

Qasim Siddiqui says:

C WOOL its never too late to close ur gap.

babyflintis says:

Im gonna try! Im feel sad for the way a look! 

C Wool says:

Hello, I think I have diastasis recti, but I am too squeamish to do the test putting my fingers between the muscles!  If I do have it, then is it too late for this to be healed up – it is 3.5 years since I had my last baby.  I have always had really weak core muscles, even before children.  Thanks

Janine Pontanar says:

Is this okay for CS section? My baby is already 2 months .

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