Posterity Gives Precision 180 Hand Cannons Potential | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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In this video I break down the new Deep Stone Crypt Raid Hand Cannon, Posterity, and take a look at its best perks/god roll, stats, and overall potential in Destiny 2 Beyond Light PvP.

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Drewskys Channel says:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ COMMUNE WITH THE CONES ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

L K says:

Just got a full bore accurized rounds rapid hit rampage on my 1st drop RNG is on my side today

Charles Straubing says:

Rapid hit demolitionist here. Such a sick roll

Equivocal Zen says:

Ok so i got fullbore, accu rounds, rapid hit and rampage, has more range than nf and it has become my new fav gun, finally a replacement for my kindled orchid

John Eli says:

I got killing wind and opening shot with stability masterwork, sticky as hell. Great review sir!!

maximanimo says:

Brooooo just got fullbore/accR/killingW/Rampge /Stability MW.. its sick !

Cbandit says:

All I've seen us seventh seraph 180 hand cannon

xJetStorm says:

I got a PvP dogroll pretty early (Killing Windows + Demo), but the PvE roll with Extended Mag + Backup Mag + Reconstruction is hilarious with its 19 -> 38 rounds (up to 39 if you have an odd number of bullets when you stop shooting since it adds 2 per ALH delay while the mag size is under 38). Takes 12.7 seconds of nonstop firing to empty it!!!

Quentin B says:

Got the same roll as you but it has a range masterwork

RuvinWolf says:

Drewsky I’ve got a max range roll with killing wind and one for all, it’s absolute fantastic. Considering how often people bunch up it can activate occasionally and give you that three tap

markdf87 says:

Got my roll with reload masterwork, full bore, appended mag,reconstruction and unrelenting. Happy with that for PVE goes up to 32 rounds with backup mag and reconstruction.

Andrew Trowbridge says:

What is he doing. With that grande then slam? It it an exotic or?

Dio says:

The first one i got came with Fullbore, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind, Rampage and Range Masterwork. It's insane how well it registers every shot from long range.

Isaha Davis says:

I wanted it to be a 120 but idc if its a 180

Justin time says:

"Since last raid"
All raid handcannons have been 140 except midnight coup. You can farm ancient gospel and nation of beasts right now. I'm happy we've gotten a raid 180.

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