‘Posterity’ by Chris Wall – Burberry Acoustic

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Chris Wall of Soft Bullets (formerly Air Traffic), filmed exclusively for Burberry Acoustic. Discover more Burberry Acoustic at http://www.Burberry.com


Michelle Lewis says:

Lyrically Amazing .
My life stopped or better yet switched directions in that moment. Oddly enough it feels apart of me stayed there with you and we continued in our own direction. As if I have a whole other life in this world. Some days I still weap. And in those tears I see a different reflection. A lonesome quest for my lost love under the willow tree. It's only left me with splinters and slivers. Lost dreams and poetry wilt and wither as another season goes and comes. There's a shadow on my heart that keeps it numb …yet still beating to the repeating memory of you. FSV

JimB73C says:

Most excellent!

Lucasmemorial says:

Sneaky cuppa in the piano lol


this guy killed it, unreal.

Scott Spalding says:

anybody else spot that passionate neck (FAT VEIN)

Nat Páli says:

Chris, I miss Air Traffic ):

Tu Phan says:

Bruno Mars – Grenade

DoctorParanoiiiiia says:

It becomes annoying after some time.. Everytime I wear my trench suddenly: PIANO!!

Nath alie says:

Pas de coeur tatoué quelque part ?

Emilia Parr says:

this is a bit more mainstream compared to the other burberry acoustic songs

VoxPopuli1235 says:

they don't. you put a burberry coat on and the pianos apprear magically out of nothing 😀

Simone Pavia says:

There's something ThomYorkeish in him

Kotryna Almanytė says:

best ever of burberry acoustic

Ellie Crook says:

@mylifeaslenah ever heard of a thing called a lorry?

Maxime Gingras-Nadeau says:

Simply amazing !!

martin drápal says:

Nice ! Nice ! Nice ! Big Up from Czech Republic !! :))

iworter says:

he's from there .. :)

iworter says:

i think you might check ' shooting star by Air traffic ' , you may already know .
he an amazing artist :)

Dana Nguyen says:

They levitate them, duh. This is Harry Potter land we're talking about.

societywithin says:

those are just random pianos standing around there for ages 😉

Imogen Boyce says:

So painfully underrated

amber wright says:

-randomly plays piano on the beach-

DualThunder says:

i miss Air Traffic. Completely forgot about them for years until I stumbled upon this video. Wicked.

alex collin says:

I wish the waves could be heard

Whilo14 says:

Wydałby świetną płytę, ma dobry głos pasujący do spokojnej muzyki granej na pianinie :)
Masterpiece !

William Asbury says:

lead singer of air traffic, didn't know his name but you can tell straight away when he hits the high notes

Wood says:

What an usual hammer mechanism…Great song!

Imogen Boyce says:

He's so amazingly talented

ZC says:

his head is big!

mylifeaslenah says:

I always wonder how they carry the pianos to all those places.

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