Portia of Belly Motions dances at 9 months pregnant!

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Sasha Reid says:

Beautiful, I hope I can move like that when I'm pregnant

mucomel59 says:

What is the name of music

mypunkin620 says:


Vianna Valdivia Labacena says:

precioso.baile !!!!

Wong Ganteng says:

I love it so much

Shaina Stouffer says:

this is amazing!

Juliana Évely Benício BELLY DANCE says:

muito linda, nome dessa música por favor???

Qffefijhg Fstdtcتبر‎ says:

هااااي لو العراقيات اجان خرط

Brian McCarty says:

I wish I was the baby in her womb.

Esmeralda Guzman says:

es muy lindo

Caro Rezu says:

I love it

LAsmith9212 says:

Baby is probably having a blast in there lol. But beautiful dance! :)

stan welling says:

She's smokin hot.

Juan Jose De La Cruz says:

beautiful hair you have

Kayla Pierce says:

this is beautiful

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