pictures of a stomach before and after-weight loss skin tightening

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AFTER having a baby I had lots of extra fat as well as loose skin. Mainy because pregnancy streches stomach but also loosing weiight leaves loose skin. So I did diet and excersise for fat, but I also had tripollar treatments to tighten up that loose skin. Which helped me a lot. And yes, what you can see is fat & skin, which i managed to get rid of thanks to diet, excersise and beauty treatments. For more photos of my transformation please watch this:



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Kooleth Sanchez says:

How did u do that?

shah sameer says:

Hi I have two month old baby and I want to loss weight from leg and tummy and from my shoulder and I'm looking for good Nutrition my weight now 68.8kg plz help me

Ida Priscilla Ebsiba says:

What treatment u did

Harmonika Lono says:

Not too many people are lucky to even lose weight but its so damn easy to gain weight. Some give a shit about their bodies and some jus don't because they know their body is not easy at losing weight. You got skinny bitches who get pregnant and not even one stretch mark is on the body, or big girls… Can't really tell if their pregnant because they was big to begin wit, den u got the mid sized girls… They the ones who struggles with the massive body fat and saggy skin. Some don't really show much of body fat because after birth their lucky to even get back into their size within a month after birth. Not everyone's body type is the same no matter wat u do before or after pregnancy things are depended on ur body.

Eman Khleif says:

I dont belive that,nothing can do this but the segery can do it

Tamora P says:

Hilarious! The only way to get rid of a stomach like this is with operation..nothing more.

Rajesh Sharma says:

U hold show her face

Fight The Fat says:

I am losing weight (trying for about 80lbs) and I do body wraps every sunday night

parimala Neelapooja says:

How did loose weight

Kathy Nguyen says:

I dont know why i click on the video. Wtf? Total scam video

Dania Reyes says:

I had a C- section does this treatment work on me?? I really want to lose this pouch that is hanging over my incision do you have any tips?? Thanks

manjula pandhu says:

How it is possible

Tamaia Camp says:

How did you do it

Vel Aytham says:

How you will do this mam reply me

Patan Nageena says:

How it is possible tell me please


Two different people lol

Aarav Singh says:

Which diet are you following


which place this treatment is available? we want in bangalore?

sanha khan says:

How? ??????

Suresh Babu says:

Enna panninga sollunga nanum pandra

Renuka Saman says:

How how how please tell me

Betty S says:

looks like two different people.

David Kirk says:

Details please

Myra Heath says:

I actually only tried this weight reduction after my friend bragged about this. She was able to shed 18 lbs. Look at “sowo amazing plan” on google.

Fiona Hames says:

That's,his my stunack is I want it like, yours his long did it take,?

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