Parenting Advice from Non-Parents

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Mariah Jude says:

Such bs. People can give insight into many different topics, with or without children. It's just never right to act like you know better. But just because someone isn't a parent doesn't mean their thoughts, opinions, and experiences are irrelevant or worthless. And just because someone is a parent doesn't mean they have it all figured out.

Gabrielle Johnson says:

that is such a calm baby

Apple tini says:

I have 8 about to be 9 kids and people wants to get me aka advice everytime we are out mostly cause I have 2 kids with autism u dont know my child or what we are dealing with so please keep it to urself just saying. I also love the wow 8 kids and ur pregnant when u going to stop well would u like me to give u a call and let u know like really.. Again u don't know my story I got preg on everything even 2-3 surgeries not to have children so its in gods hands now.. But kids or no kids how dear u just tell someone how they should live there lives. Peoole god love them all!!

Kathryn White says:

I think it's definitely all about whats being said and if you agree, because I know my mom will try to give me advice sometimes on whats going on in my life and im just like mom stop, you dont get it. Sometimes things are too hard to explain to get good enough advice from someone who hasn't gone through it.

Point Dexter says:

Something happens when people have children. Their IQ drops a minimum of 30 points. Their evil spawn sucks the brains right out of them.

Brea Wortman says:

Just because you're a parent doesn't mean you know what you're doing! There are millions of bad parents in the world. People that don't have kids have every right to get angry at yours (and you) if you can't control them. It's called discipline, people! Try it some time. Spoiled kids become horrible adults!

Asmaa Hussein says:

Ariah!! She is so beautiful, God be praised!! What an adorable child

K-EL Navalta says:

when someone say "I raised so many kids so you should take my advice…" well this an't yo kid! how bout that?! lol

Kristen Naidu says:

Ariah was just chilling lmao

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