Painting the belly of my pregnant sister – Easy drawings for pregnancy

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Hello!! In today’s video I show you easy and fun ideas to paint the belly of pregnant women. I want to thank my sister Lorena for borrowing for this video, we had a great time painting 😀 this is her instagram for anyone who wants to follow her and see the pictures we made

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Rainee The'Rebel says:

Is that eyeliner you did your outline with I saw someone do that

Brianna Blacknall says:

What do you use to sketch?

soo near says:

Ehat did you use to paint this? That can clean off easily?

Alivia Cox says:

I Love that ❤❤❤❤❤

Miz Bee says:

May i know what pencil did she use to draw?

نور الامل says:

اموت على بطنج

Brooke Glasscock says:

This is so cute omg ahh

Flopy_ kawaii11 says:

3:00 puedes hablar español (porque hay dice "¿Puedo salir ya?") ö

рика мика says:

С чем рисовали это карандаш?

Secret _Girl says:

Wenn sie eventuell Engländerin oder Americanerin ist warum ist denn die Video beschreibung auf deutsch ?

Xxx F.T Freddy xxX says:

Can you make please fromm miraculous die Adel can you make me some here kilez kwamis

Конфетка Лайф says:


Maria Antoniou says: very qute!!!!<3

Santiago y sus ideas says:

Buen trabajo, han quedado preciosos, mis nietos, un abrazo para vosotras, mucha paciencia y mucho arte.

SheliaL37 says:

He is so handsome, and those was so cute n fun

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