Pageant Mum Prayed That Her Daughter Would Be Born With "Good Hair" | Toddlers & Tiaras

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7-years-old pageant princess Torrann shows us how she transforms into the singer Prince for her upcoming pageant. Watch as she wows the judges with an impressive dance routine.

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aaron nava says:

I love how she like to be of a darker complexion, I love her embrace of pigment.


Bruh she’s wasn’t respectful to them at all. They told her something do not do, and she did it anyway. Also, when she was on the trampoline she was demanding the mom her a drink “rIGHT nOW!”

Emily Wilcox says:

Her name though she got a combo of mom and dad poor thing

KattriellaDoesStuff says:

Why do every single one of these kids' smiles never reach their eyes, even when they aren't on stage . . . ?

crystal gonzales says:

Torran: Go get me a drink. GO NOW

mom: At least if she is resbecful to us she gets what ever she wants

Me: man she did not say pls

torran is kinda disrespectful

M reacts says:

Should’ve named her jaden

Lovely me says:

The kid has no manners omg not good my mum would knock me out.the kids dont even look happey.its defernaley four the shittey mothers.its sicking

Mazvita Zhungu says:

What is “good hair”? That’s such an unhealthy statement.

Morgan Hackley says:

I pray my sczefrenia never gets so bad I do this

jasmine baxter says:

so…..she wanted a white kid and she's upset about it…….

Marii n More says:

Her Mom:“Her dad doesn't take pageants seriously"
Me: Well I doubt he wants his daughter to be judged by god knows who wearing a baby crop top

Coconut Head says:

Girl: go get me a drink right now!

Mom: as long as she's being respectful to us

Ivonne Astacio says:

Good hair?? Out of all things you prayed for good hair?? How about a healthy baby, a kind child, a good hearted kid. As a mom to biracial children I hate this comment. Hair isn’t good or bad, it has different textures and patterns but there is no such thing as good/bad hair.

Britney Elsie says:

shes a brat. end of story

jade charles says:

how the frick is she seven 😮

Erica Schaidt says:

“This little girl has been competing since she was six weeks old”

Omfg that’s insane.

Amanda Wolfe says:

She is already dark, why need to tan?

Bethking149 says:

“The fake hair, fake teeth tan. That’s what makes pageants fun.” No that’s what makes them child abuse

Maria G says:

“That’s what makes pageants fun” it’s also what makes pageants abusive

Momoko Chan says:

Im with the dad on this one….. it's weird to tan your 7 year old :I

Keziah Mickle says:

I would’ve told the mom I wish she wasn’t fat and I’m sorry for fat shaming but she literally said “good hair” which is disrespectful

Ashley Curtis says:

CURLY HAIR IS SO AMAZING….wtf is wrong with her hair it’s amazing don’t judge the black hair

tick tock channel dakota lorenzen says:

I love it solutely

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