Oban Tummy Time – 3 Months

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Lili says:

very beautiful baby!

prettypinkunicorns12 says:

WWHats is tummy time???? sorry u know to young to know about all this baby
stuff but ur babies adorable!

Holly Randell says:

He’s definitely trying to pull himself along.

cynowl says:

What a doll-why don’t they stay happy for long-they’re curious and have a
brand new world to discover and can’t get going to explore!

randomgirl1755 says:

So adorable, loved this xx

joanne H says:

cute baby!!

Jody says:

Why is is that babies don’t stay happy for long?

JellyChang says:

@prettypinkunicorns12 Tummy times is when baby train their muscle (neck &
extremities) so that they can develop muscle for later….

Samantha Matthieu says:

Oh my he is a cutie!

Karen M says:

so they can progress to crawling

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